Denon is one of the world's largest manufacturer of high quality hi-fi and home theater products. The company was founded in 1910 and led, among other things, the digital pulse code modulation - Audio ( PCM) in the mass market, which is considered as the basis for the emergence of the compact disc.

Company History

In 1910 founded the American entrepreneur Frederick Whitney Horn Nippon Chikuonki Shoukai (Japan Recorders Corporation). Together with Japanese partners, he introduced the first products of the new company. It was a single-sided LP and a gramophone. Today's brand name Denon was introduced in the 1930s.

Denon introduced a number of innovations, including the first professional -use discs recording device ( 1939), the first stereo records and stereo systems in Japan ( 1951) and the first PCM recorder, which is the technological foundation of today's CD (1970). In 1982, Denon released the first CD player for home use (type DCD -2000). With the introduction of home theater technologies, Denon introduced first an A / V amplifier with support for Dolby Digital and 2009 the first Universal Disc Player for Blu -ray Disc technology.

Denon belongs to D & M Holdings Inc., an association of Denon, Marantz, McIntosh, Boston Acoustics, Snell, Escient, Denon DJ, Calrec, D & M Professional and D & M Premium Sound Solutions.

Denon as a record label

Denon since 1969 was for several decades a label for records and CD releases of Nippon Columbia, especially in the field of jazz and classical music. The label was founded to release Japanese folk and pop music. In 1971 the first recording was released, which was recorded digitally with the PCM method, as of 1972 were followed by works of classical music with European artists ( Mozart String Quartets K 421 and 458 with the Smetana Quartet. ) In 1974 with Bach's Musical Offering ( Paillard Chamber Orchestra ), the first PCM production in Europe. Beginning in 1976, were added jazz recordings, which were recorded especially in New York City, such as One Tuesday in New York by Takashi Mizuhashi / Herbie Hancock 's first manufacturing or The Art of the Saxophone (1987 ) Bennie Wallace. Many photos were first produced by Reggie Workman, as described by Archie Shepp, Tommy Flanagan, Jo Jones and Billy Harper. When in 1982 was the launch of the CD, Denon had 400 digital recordings. However, the label was not commercially successful in the early days. That changed after Sonny Lester 1986 was responsible as a producer. His first production was Long Live the Chief by Count Basie Orchestra ( Ghost band led by Frank Foster). By 1996, more than 50 jazz recordings were released, including those with Herbie Hancock, Charles Mingus, Abdullah Ibrahim, Count Basie and Carmen McRae, but also newcomers such as Bob Berg and the vocal band scratch. The label later bought also the catalog of Savoy Records and released its material. The catalog will be performed at the Savoy Label Group since 2001.