Der Plan

The plan is a German electronic band that was (originally under the name World Rebellion Plan) established in early 1979 in Dusseldorf by Moritz Reichelt aka Moritz R ®, Kai Horn and Frank Fenstermacher. The band is considered one of the pioneers of the Neue Deutsche Welle.

Band History

Kai Horn already got out before the first shots. Together with Chrislo Haas and Robert Görl (both German -American friendship) recorded a first single. The images were taken during a jam session in a basement and were recorded on a dictaphone. Along sections of which were published in 1979 as an EP and released in an edition of 1,500 copies on their own. This was the start of the plan 's own label Warning Records, which was later renamed Ata Tak. These first recordings were reminiscent of the early stages of the U.S. lineup Chrome.

A little later, Kurt Dahlke aka Pyrolator met ( ex- German -American friendship ) to the lineup. Under his influence, the group significantly more musical and to be less experimental began. However, the 1980 debut album published Geri Reig was still very experimental. Here influences from bands such as The Residents and power plant were recognizable. Some titles were aware of the group " inaudible " designed to explore musical boundaries. The published end of 1980 Da Front Single Is ' Ne traffic light was clearly catchy.

Thus, the group trod a musical path that they later described as " electronic pop ". In fact, the single one of the first hits of the German New Wave was and the plan has now received contract offers from major record companies. However, it was decided to remain independent, and only went a cooperation with a Teldec, which brought out the single again. 1981 was followed by the LP Normalette Surprise, on which the group presented more "electronic pop " and therefore created their own style.

1982 hired the director Rainer Kirberg the group for his film The last revenge. The plan not only wrote the soundtrack for the film; Moritz R ® designed the surrealist, partially reminiscent of the film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari scenes, while Frank Fenstermacher had a small role as an actor. The film was broadcast by ZDF in connection with local television play and received mixed reviews. The music was much more experimental and less catchy than the previous works.

1984, the group brought out two more singles. Gummitwist was not the expected hit, but the group made ​​it so that in the music program Formula One. Shortly after, the Double Single golden Cheapos, on which there are three instrumentals and the move of the band on a musical direction marked, which became known as Easy Listening Lounge Revival or later. It was followed by a successful tour of Japan, which was captured on video ( JaPlan ). Especially for the Japanese market was also an LP under the name JaPlan brought out with some unpublished pieces in Germany, and in 2002 re-released on CD.

In Germany, was in the 1985 compilation LP Fat Years, consisting of single tracks, outtakes and new recordings of familiar pieces. The self-deprecating to cover shows the group dressed up as homeless people in the park. New material was published in 1987 with It's A Strange World And strangers. The title comes from the movie Blue Velvet director David Lynch. Striking is the all-black cover of the LP held. The represented on the album song 1 man 1 ball was little later covered by The true Heino. With the advent of the compact disc, the group decided to release a best-of - release on CD in 1988 under the title appeared pearls.

Label and sales work had early affects the concentration of the band on the music. In response to different views on artistic priorities left Moritz R ® 1983 Ata Tak and moved to Hamburg. Since then, the plan was no longer a full-time project, but met occasionally to sporadic activities. Was released in 1989 with The Whip Of Life another plate, which turned out a bit darker in places than previous works. In 1993, the album Live At The Tiki Ballroom ... whose first edition included a mini-CD with "Techno" versions of some plan title. After that broke up the formation.

Moritz R ® devoted himself again more painting and processed his experiences with the plan in the book The Plan - splendor and misery of the German New Wave. Pyrolator and Frank Fenstermacher founded shortly after the trance lineup A ​​Certain Frank, and cooperate with, in the missing colors since 2002.

In 2003 The Plan 2.0 by Moritz R ®, Achim good JJ Jones was founded in Berlin again. There followed in 2004 the album Conspiracy.