Desi Arnaz

Desi Arnaz ( born March 2, 1917 in Santiago de Cuba, † December 2, 1986 in Del Mar, California; Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de actually Acha, III) was a Cuban musician, conductor, actor, comedian and television producer who mainly in the U.S. celebrated great successes.


Arnaz was born in Santiago de Cuba, the second largest city in Cuba, the son of a wealthy family. His ancestors were among the beneficiaries of the Spanish land grant in the 18th century and his father was the youngest mayor of Santiago.

After the revolution in 1933, Desi Arnaz fled with his family to Miami, Florida.

1936 Arnaz began his music career as a guitarist and percussionist in an orchestra of Latin American music. Shortly after, he took a wage loss in purchasing to Xavier Cugat City for work in New York can, who became his mentor. 6 months later, Arnaz returned to Miami and started his own combo, with which he made ​​a significant contribution to the spread of the Cuban Conga and their rapidly increasing popularity in the U.S.. Arnaz founded his own orchestra and went again to New York City. He had one of his biggest hits in 1946 with Babalu by Margarita Lecuona.

In 1939 he joined in the successful musical Too Many Girls on Broadway. Then he moved to Hollywood, where he appeared in 1940 in the film implementation of the musical. During the filming, he met Lucille Ball know. In the same year they got married. 1944, divorce proceedings were instituted by the couple but was canceled before it became final.

In the 1940s, Arnaz starred in a series of feature films. The most famous was Bataan ( 1943). Shortly after he received the order to march, but before he was actually recovered, he injured his knee. He came to training camp for recruits, but was relieved of many tasks, and finally ushered entertainment programs in a military hospital. After his service, he founded a new orchestra, which was very successful with live performances and recordings; Band singer in 1946 was Jane Harvey. In parallel, he was hired by television and produced the I Love Lucy series in which he played a fictionalized version of his by the name Ricky Ricardo. The wife of Ricky Ricardo was played by Arnaz ' wife Lucille Ball.

Together with his wife he founded Desilu Productions. At the time, most television shows were live and because New York City was the largest market, the other broadcasters were mostly records. These records have been made ​​but for the most part with cameras in front of a TV screen and thus were of modest quality. Arnaz developed a new production style and provided along with the famous cinematographer Karl Freund for brighter shooting for the whole country.

As a producer, Arnaz was responsible for a number of major television successes, including The Texan, Our Miss Brooks and the pilot episode of The Untouchables.

He is dedicated 2 stars on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, one in the category Film, one in the television category.

Her two children were also well-known actor: Lucie Arnaz ( born 1951 ) and Desi Arnaz Jr. ( b. 1953 ).