Desiderative mood

The Desiderativ referred to in linguistics an action type of Grundverbs who have the desire to perform the action of the verb expresses. Fulfills a similar function of the optative, but in contrast to Desiderativ represents a mode of the verb.

Desiderative are verbs that are formed from basic verbs or other bases by morphological derivation.

Importance for the development of language

The future tense of the daughters of the Indo-European proto-language could have evolved from a combination of Desiderativs developed with the subjunctive.


In Sanskrit desiderative be formed by appending sa and presenting a doubling syllable ( reduplicated syllable ), which consists of the first consonant of the root word (possibly modified) and a vowel. This vowel is usually a i, but if u is contained in a root word, then it is also a u duplicated in the prefix. It also happens that doing the vowel of the root word is changed.


In Latin Desiderativa be derived from the PPP strain, occurs at that the suffix -ur and belongs to the derivative of the i- conjugation.

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