Désiré-Alexandre Batton

Désiré -Alexandre Batton ( born January 2, 1798 in Paris, † October 15, 1855 in Versailles) was a French composer.

Batton was a student of Luigi Cherubini at the Conservatoire de Paris. He composed several operas that were performed at the Theatre Feydeau and the Opéra -Comique.

In 1817 he received the Premier Grand Prix de Rome for the cantata La Mort d' Adonis.

In 1842 he is named as inspector of the music schools in France, since 1849 he taught at the Conservatoire de Paris.


  • La Mort d' Adonis, cantata, 1817
  • La Reconnaissance, cantata
  • Le Prisonnier d' État, opera
  • Le camp du drap d'or, opera
  • La fenêtre secrète, opera, first performed in 1818
  • Velleda, opera, 1820
  • Ethelvina, opera, 1827
  • La Marquise de Brinvilliers, opera, first performed in 1831
  • Le remplaçant, opera, 1837
  • French composer
  • Frenchman
  • Born in 1798
  • Died in 1855
  • Man