Despatch rider

Motorcycle alarm ( motorcyclist ) are used in armed forces and aid agencies as a connector and explorers.

Use as detectors

In combat, the activity is considered ( Krad ) detector to be extremely dangerous, as it is very effective for the opponent to stop the connections among the enemy troops parts. In modern combat scenarios is because of the often very advanced communication technology ( Network Centric Warfare ) the use of motorcycle detectors rather the exception.

When the German Army motorcycle detectors of staff and supply company are assumed. Previously here Hercules K 125 BW motorcycles were used, which were replaced by KTM 400 LS -E Military.

Other uses

Motorcycle alarm accompany columns as a traffic flagman or accept courier services for defaulted communication systems. They are, as their name implies, motorized with motorcycles.

For charities motorcycle detectors are also used as a helper on the spot or first responders in difficult terrain. This requires appropriate training and equipment. For larger deployments of motorcycle indicator as a guide for invading non-local units may adopt.

In escort service motorcycle alarm the police or the military police are used for state receptions as honorary escort.