Desura is an internet marketing platform ( Digital Distribution ) for PC Computer Games DesuraNET the company, which also operates the computer game websites ModDB and IndieDB and since July 2013 is part of the company Linden Lab.


Unlike the market leader Steam, the focus is more on mods and indie games. Also, a cross -platform approach is followed, it will be Games for Windows, Linux and the Mac platform offered. Further more, the online community involved, as each registered member can write reviews and upload screenshots. The distribution platform itself offers no technical possibilities for Digital Rights Management. Unlike other online marketing platforms that DRM does not tolerate as GOG, but the games offered may integrate their own digital rights management measures.


Desura lists even no cost on their website. According to developers, the distribution costs are 30 % of the sale price, a payment is but only from 500 € (net of fees ) instead.


The available for Windows and Linux open source client uses Chromium Embedded Framework, GTK and wxWidgets, but is otherwise very strong on platform-independent web technology. Similar to Google Chrome with Chromium source code for the client is released without trademark as Desurium at GitHub.