• Francis Deprez ( Chairman)
  • Jens Nebendahl

The Detecon International GmbH is a German, specializing in management and technology consulting company headquartered in Cologne and a subsidiary of T -Systems International GmbH.


The Detecon International GmbH was created on 1 August 2002 from the merger of the consulting company Detecon and Diebold. Diebold was founded in 1954 by John Diebold in New York City. In 1959, Diebold has established the first settlements in Germany. In 1986 the first branch was established in Switzerland and expanded the consulting portfolio to business strategies and process optimization. The Detecon has relocated its headquarters in 2012 from Bonn to Cologne.

1977 with, was then known as the German Tele Post Consulting, founded to provide consulting services for the telecommunications industry. Based on this expertise and the growing importance of IT and telecom technologies beyond the boundaries of telecommunications addition Detecon now advises customers in virtually all industries. Here is the performance focus in consulting solutions that result from the use of information and communication technologies. After a reorganization in 2011 Detecon now consists of four business segments (industry, services, National Telecommunication and Telecommunication International).


In Germany Detecon is represented with four locations in Cologne, Dresden, Eschborn, Germany and Munich, international in Abu Dhabi (UAE ), Ankara (Turkey ), Almaty (Kazakhstan ), Bangkok (Thailand), Jakarta (Indonesia), Johannesburg (South Africa ) Moscow (Russia ), Beijing (China), Riyadh ( Saudi Arabia ), San Francisco (USA ), Vienna ( Austria ) and Zurich ( Switzerland ).