Detroit Rock City (film)

Detroit Rock City is an American comedy film from the year 1999. Was directed by Adam Rifkin.


Cleveland, 1978: The four friends Hawk, Trip, Lex, and Jam want to a concert of their favorite band KISS to Detroit. However Jams discovered ultra-conservative mother who looks at the music and suggestive poses the band as " the devil's work ," their tickets in Jams pocket, it burns and sticks it in a very strict boarding school.

However, in teaching the other three guys with a plan to still get to four tickets. While TripAdvisor wins the tickets in a raffle a radio station, but does delirious with joy the handset before he can leave his name, let the map go to the next caller. Without this knowledge, they liberate Jam from boarding school and are on their way to Detroit. On the way, they run into trouble with rock enemy Disco fans. In Detroit arrived they expire, after learning behavior at the radio station of trips, in mourning. Nevertheless, the friends decide to continue to get into the concert. To improve the chances of success, they separate and each makes its own on the way to get hold of a card or other means to come into the hall.

But to come in spite of all attempts alone on a card, with every man his own " little adventure " experience, and numerous adversities, the unsuccessful boys meet briefly before the concert again and think they can come to the concert, if they mutually beat up and pretend a card robbery. But the ticket- gives them little credence. However discovers trip the guys who have recently stolen his wallet, these accused, thereby making sure that the four still allowed into the concert.


Cinema wrote about the film, he was a " fast-paced tribute to the legendary U.S. comic rock band Kiss with a lot of music from the 70s, " the story of Hawk, Trip, Jam and Lex is told very amusing in this " adventurous teen comedy. " the reviewer notes in his brief summary of the film is" a tribute to a great rock band. "


  • The film includes not only the appearance of the band KISS as a tourist destination. There are more references to KISS available, also for the reason that the film was produced by Gene Simmons.
  • For the concert at the end of the film, a performance by the band in the style of the 70s was played again with 8000 fans.
  • Most KISS products in the film come from Gene Simmons ' personal collection.
  • Two of the girls in the movie called Beth and Christine, whose names on each song title by KISS (scan Beth and Christine Sixteen).
  • The film's title is also the title of a KISS song.
  • Just before the concert is a delegation of MATMOK ( Mothers against the Music of KISS = Mothers against the music of KISS ) in front of a church and demonstrate against the concert. The first nut on the platform is the real wife of Paul Stanley, rhythm guitarist and vocalist of KISS.
  • Amanda Finch, the woman who invites Hawk in the strip club for a drink, is played by Shannon Tweed. Ex - Playboy model and wife of KISS bassist Gene Simmons.
  • The American woman rock band The Donnas, which stylistically among others is strongly influenced by KISS, have the soundtrack of the film contributed a cover version of the classic KISS Strutter.