Deuerling is a municipality in the district of Regensburg Upper Palatinate and a member of the administrative community Laaber.

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Geographical Location

The community is located west of Regensburg in Ostausläufer of the Franconian Jura in the valley of the Schwarze Laber.

Community structure

The municipality has Deuerling 7 officially named districts:

  • Bachleiten
  • Deuerling
  • Heimberg
  • Hillohe
  • Steiner Bruckl
  • Stegenhof
  • Willibald Häusl


According to recent studies Deuerling was founded on the left side Laber before 650 AD by the Bavarians in the development phase of Bavaria, as findings from a series of burial confirm. Deuerling 1130 is first mentioned, but existed as a settlement already in the Merovingian period. Settlements used to denote the time usually after the head of the clan settled. From old spellings of the name Deuerling can deduce that this head in the case of community Deuerling Tiurilo (hence Tiurilia = Tverlinge = Deuerling ) must have been called. Until 1196 the town belongs to the county Ried castle. From then on, the area is subject to changing masters. 1972 comes Deuerling the district of Regensburg.


Parish council

The council has 14 members:

  • CSU 7 seats
  • SPD 7 seats

(As at municipal election on March 2, 2008)

Coat of arms

Blazon: Under shared by Silver and Blue Shield in gold main two diagonally crossed black copper hammers over black Wellenschildfuß.

The municipal coat of arms, designed in 1967 and led since 1968, is meant to symbolize the Deuerlinger story in a nutshell. On golden shield two crossed hammers copper can be seen - Deuerling had after 1580 a copper hammer with enamel work. Above are a blue and a silver stripe - the coat of arms of the lords of colors Laaber, to whose rule was once a large part of the community. The sign foot form black waves, they mark the position of the village on the Black Laber.

Culture and sights

  • Church of St. Martin in Deuerling: The church dates from the year 1281, it was donated by the Bavarian Duke Henry the monastery Prüfening. The tower dates from 1717 and was built as the rickety old tower collapsed during construction work. In the 17th century, was rebuilt, in 1723 and 1842 extensions. Feature is the baptismal font from Adnet type, as it is common in Upper Bavaria and Salzburg. He is originally from the stone farmhouse cottage of Adnet near Hallein.
  • Postal Egelsburg
  • Postal Weihenstefen
  • Francis Cross
  • Stations of the Cross
  • List of monuments in Deuerling


  • Sports grounds TSV Deuerling

Economy and infrastructure


  • A3
  • State Road 8,
  • Breakpoint Deuerling on the railway line Regensburg Nuremberg


  • Elementary school Deuerling
  • Community library Deuerling


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Karl Heinz Geissler (1944 ), business educator and researcher time