Deutsche Bauzeitung

The German Bauzeitung (now db bauzeitung German ) is Germany's oldest trade magazine for architects and civil engineers. It was founded, inter alia, Karl Emil Otto Fritsch, William Boeckmann and Hubert Goebbels.


The magazine first appeared in 1867, the first year still below the title sheet of the week Architects Association in Berlin. Later, in the German Bauzeitung the magazines The Bauzeitung, The German architect BDB and baukunst and risen factory form. " The Bauzeitung " turn appeared in the 1930s with the subtitle " combined with Süddeutsche Bauzeitung Munich, Süddeutsche Zeitung Baugewerks -, German - proof buildings Stuttgart ".

Today the German db bauzeitung is a ten times appearing in Sub - title, the IVW-audited circulation of 31,350 copies. The magazine is moved from Conradin publisher in Leinfelden. Early 2013 "Building metamorphosis. Holdings " was the journal over which now forms four times a year as a "db metamorphosis " an additional magazine section.

Editor in chief is Dipl. -Ing since 2009. Ulrike Kunkel.


The db German bauzeitung focuses besides the architecture and engineering with interior architecture, design, interior design, architectural criticism, architectural culture, building protection and building renovation. The target audience includes architects, planners, civil engineers in all industries, construction offices, construction and development companies, construction companies and specialist engineering offices.