Deutsche Presse-Agentur


  • Michael Segbers, Chairman of the Board
  • Matthias Mahn and Andreas Schmidt, General Manager
  • Sven Gösmann, Editor in Chief
  • Karlheinz Röthemeier, Chairman of the Supervisory Board

The dpa German Press Agency Ltd. is the largest news agency in the Federal Republic of Germany with headquarters in Hamburg and the central editorial office in Berlin. It operates in about 100 countries around the world and works in Germany with twelve national services with the appropriate offices. The dpa has 671 employees, generated revenues in 2012 at just 82.06 million euros (2011: 81.8 million euros; 2010: 87.8 million euros; 2009: 90.3 million euros; 2008: 94, 1 million euros, 2007: 93.8 million euros ).

Corporate purpose

The corporate purpose of the dpa is the collection, processing and dissemination of news, archive and image material of any kind According to its statute, the Agency should fulfill this task " impartially and independently of effects and influences of parties, ideological groups, economic and financial groups and governments ".

The dpa spread with their own correspondents worldwide news in text, sound, graphics and image. Since 1979, customers can receive the messages in a standardized message format on the computer.

Since 1988, the agency draws its global messages only from its own correspondents.

Editor in Chief was from 1 January 2010 to August 31, 2013 Wolfgang Büchner. The former chief of Spiegel Online followed by Wilm Herlyn, who had the dpa editorial out since 1991. Chairman of the Board is Michael Segbers, dpa directors are Matthias Mahn and Andreas Schmidt. On April 29, 2013 it was announced that Büchner will switch back to the mirror -Verlag. He there commenced on 1 September 2013, the position of chief editor for the print as well as for the online world. As the new editor in chief of the dpa Supervisory Board elected on 29 August 2013, editor of the daily newspaper Rheinische Post, Sven Gösmann, who took up his duties on 1 January 2014.

Shareholder structure

The nearly 190 shareholders of dpa are exclusively media companies such as publishers and broadcasters. Thus, shareholders and clients of the agency are partially congruent.

The respective shareholders may purchase a maximum of 1.5 percent of the capital, so that an influence of individual majority shareholder is largely excluded. The Shares of electronic media shall not exceed 25 percent.


The dpa went in 1949 from the German News Agency ( Dena ), the German press and the South German News Agency ( Südena ) out. It was founded as a co-operative company on August 18, 1949 in Goslar. Since 1951 she is a limited liability company. First editor in chief and managing director Fritz was a singer, the CEO until 1955 and was editor in chief until 1959. The first message was received on September 1, 1949 to the editors.

In 1986, dpa, the Global Media Services GmbH ( gms ). This 1988 bought their competitors " Cartography GmbH".

Since summer 2010, the headquarters of the dpa- editors at the Markgrafenstraße works in the historical newspaper district of Berlin, where the previous newsroom from Hamburg summarized (Word, Internet, graphics), Frankfurt am Main (picture) and Berlin ( words, pictures, audio & video ) were. In Hamburg, where from September 1949 to July 2010 an old villa on the middle ground in Rother tree was the center of the editorial offices, corporate headquarters, the location of the management, distribution, sales department, the subsidiaries of dpa -media technology GmbH and news remain current, as well as the regional editors.

Editors from 1949 to today

  • Fritz Singer ( 1949-59 )
  • Erich Eggeling ( 1959-67 )
  • Hans Benirschke ( 1968-90 )
  • Wilm Herlyn (1991-2009)
  • Wolfgang Büchner (2010-2013)
  • Sven Gösmann (since 2014)

German -language services

The " dpa- based service " as the main product includes around 750 messages a day with an average of 300 words from around the world in the departments of politics, business, sports, panoramic ( Human Interest ) with culture and media, knowledge, and Network World. In addition, in Germany twelve regional services ( dpa- country service), which also cover all the classical news departments. About the Picture radio customers are around 1,500 new photos offered daily.

The dpa customers get these services for a flat monthly fee (adjusted according to size of the medium) offered additional costs for the use of the contents are not incurred.

The dpa- based service is the most important German -language news service that thereby plays an important role in agenda setting for German language media. For decades, virtually all German radio stations and newspapers to him were connected with a complete editorial that can comprehensively report on what happened in the world this also without their own network of correspondents. However, in late 2008 announced one of the largest German regional newspapers, the West German Allgemeine Zeitung, the contract after previously had ( temporarily partially ) canceled the dpa services other regional newspapers. In December 2012, the WAZ Group announced to again use the services of the dpa group.

Foreign Language Services

Dpa- world intelligence services there are in addition German in English, Spanish and Arabic. The English service in Berlin, Bangkok and Washington, DC produced, the Spanish in Buenos Aires and Madrid, the Arabic service has its main editorial office in Cairo.

2008 it was announced that the DPA will also start in the spring of 2009, a bilingual news service in Turkish and German language, in particular seeks to contribute to greater consideration of special " information interests of Turkish origin citizens in Germany " in German media. The service was discontinued after only nine months.

Spin-offs and collaborations

The German press agency working in the procurement and distribution of messages with multiple other agencies together, including foreign companies such as the Austria Press Agency, with which they digitally holds the Agency dpa -AFX economic news and the technology subsidiary dpa services GmbH, as well as the Swiss News Agency. Since the beginning of 2013 dpa is working closely with the Associated Press news agency of the United States and marketed AP services in Germany.

The dpa, in cooperation with Lower Saxony initiative program to n -21 free messages for online editors of school newspapers. There is also a program for content support printed school newspapers.

Since 2002, the 100-percent subsidiary picture alliance was built by dpa- Chef Reiner Merkel, an online platform of the six major photo agencies akg-images, photo agency Huber, dpa photo services, kpa photo archive, and Okapia Picture Press. Meanwhile market around 200 partner agencies her image, video, photographs and illustrations on the dpa Picture-Alliance.


The German Press Agency is in competition with other news agencies such as the German offshoots of foreign agencies Agence France-Presse and Thomson Reuters. Also specialized agencies such as the Evangelical Press Office, the Catholic News Agency and the sports information service to compete with offers of dpa.


Following the departure of its founder, Fritz singer the German Press Agency several times went to public criticism because of spreading unverified misreporting, the most famous example was the news of the death of Khrushchev on 13 April 1964 and an invented quote Kosygin to the reunification of Germany in December 1966. The agency has also been accused of big government near and corresponding coloring of coverage. Publicly apologize to the DPA had among other false reports about the protests against the G8 summit in Heiligendamm (2007) and the then Minister of Economics zu Guttenberg ( 2009). The role of DPA in the Bluewater Affair 2009 led to new internal rules on the source data of the messages sent. Manipulative reporting dpa will continue accused by critics.