Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz

The German Foundation for Monument Protection (DSD ) is a private initiative, founded in 1985, has made the preservation of cultural monuments and the promotion of the idea of preservation to the task.

It has its seat since 2010 in the listed former Bavarian Representation in Bonn. CEO since early 2011 Rosemarie Wilcken, Deputy CEO Michael Krautzberger and Treasurer Andreas de Maizière. Gottfried Kiesow, 1994-2010 Chairman of the Board until his death was Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation in the wake of Bernhard Servatius. Managing directors are Wolfgang Illert and Stephan Hansen. The motto of the foundation is We build on culture. The Foundation is under the patronage of Federal President Joachim Gauck.


As the largest civil rights movement for the conservation, the Foundation has two aims: firstly, to promote the conservation and restoration of important cultural monuments in Germany. On the other hand, to make the people on the need to care of monuments and attention to move to the active assistance.

It supports projects which are recognized as a monument and demonstrably deemed worthy of restoration. On the allocation of resources decides the Scientific Committee of the Foundation, which constitute the criteria are not sufficient support from state funds or made ​​possible by a grant from the Foundation additional public funds. It can be funded about 25 percent of the proposed projects (as of 2006); total has been able to provide funding for some 4,300 monuments to the Foundation.

Public Relations for Heritage Conservation

Targeted public relations as well as the published her journal MONUMENTS - Magazine for Heritage and Culture ( 6 issues a year), the Foundation attempts to gain greater attention in the population the topic listed. For this purpose, also coordinated annually on the second weekend of September, the Heritage Day nationwide from her. There is also student and youth work done. To this end, since 2002 a part of the project historically active - Heritage makes school under the patronage of the German Commission for UNESCO. Here, students will become familiar with the monument protection by dealing German school teams in collaboration with museums and professionals from nature and conservation across disciplines with a memorial site near them. Is a school for the second time, it must form with two other educational institutions a cluster community. The sometimes very extensive work of pupils and students include the development of new urban games, audio books listed areas or analyzes in the field awareness, perception and identity in relation to monuments.

Since early 2005, the Foundation publishes the online magazine Monuments Online. The publisher of the Foundation ( Monuments publications) contributes through the publication of books, games, calendars, and letter cards about monument to the establishment and maintenance of conveyors community.

Youth work

Young adults 16 to 26 years can be brought into the youth building huts in a volunteer year in heritage conservation practice and theory of the subject historic preservation. To this end, they work in companies and institutions that are active in historic preservation and be familiar with all the relevant issues.

The central project youth Sheds DSD was founded in 1999. The first Jugendbauhütte has been planned and implemented in Quedlinburg with young people. Meanwhile these projects in Brandenburg / Berlin, Duisburg / Raesfeld, Görlitz, Mühlhausen, Romrod, Soest, Stralsund and Wismar were performed. Opened in 2009, three other youth workers' huts in Regensburg, and Stade, with a focus on preservation of historic gardens in Potsdam. In total, 1,400 young people were introduced to works of historic preservation. The Jugendbauhütte Lübeck took 13th Jugendbauhütte DSD its work on 1 September 2011. It was officially opened in a formal reception of the German Foundation for Monument Protection in Lübeck Holy Spirit Hospital on March 30, 2012.

Are funded youth workers' huts to a large part of the DSD itself, but also from other foundations and organizations as well as federal states, Regional Associations (NRW) and municipalities. Many of the young people that have a voluntary year in monument preservation in a Jugendbauhütte behind then make a study of history, art history or an appropriate craft apprenticeship.

Supported Projects

More than 4,500 monuments was able to promote the German Foundation for Monument Protection. The help came town houses, churches and castles just as as technical buildings and archaeological sites.

Among the funded projects include the village church in Behrenhoff, the half-timbered church in Breesen, Glienicke Bridge, the Lotterhof in Geyer, the upper church in Arnstadt, the collegiate church ( priests Swabia home ), the Sanatorium Dr. Barner in Brown situation and Türnich Castle in Kerpen.


The German Foundation for Monument Protection was founded in 1985, modeled on the National Trust in the UK in the canal lock at Bonn; since it is under the auspices of the federal president. Due to the change in the GDR in 1989, the still quite young foundation faced a major task, especially since in the east of the new republic many buildings were threatened by decay.

The number of sponsors, both individuals and companies, amounts to about 200,000. The German Foundation for Monument Protection has encouraged the historically appropriate restoration of more than 4,300 monuments. A total of about 500 million euros could be made available for funding projects since its founding. About 80 Ortskuratorien support through her ​​volunteer work in the Foundation's goals locally.

The long-serving former CEO of the Foundation, Gottfried Kiesow, who was also a board member of the German World Heritage Foundation, numerous honorary citizenships and awards were presented in recognition of his efforts and the work of the Foundation for the preservation of historic buildings.

25th anniversary

The DSD was able to celebrate its 25th anniversary on April 17, 2010. This was, inter alia, Occasion for looking back, balance sheet and positioning: the DSD published a commemorative publication.


On September 10, 2006, the day of the open monument in 2006, the German Foundation for Monument Protection was a "Place of the Day" as part of the " 365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas" initiative of Germany - Land of Ideas chosen.


Since June 1992, the ZDF in cooperation with the German Foundation for Monument Protection presents the series citizen, save your cities. Periodically, historical monuments and urban ensembles that are threatened by decay, presented shortly.

Since 1990, the Germany radio organized jointly with the German Foundation for Monument Protection, the benefit concert series keynote D. Here you find the music events in endangered architectural monuments of the eastern states instead, the proceeds of which belongs to the receipt of the venue.