Deutscher Cricket Bund

The German Cricket Federation ( DCB) was officially founded in 1989 in Hanau (Hessen). The first governing body was the German Cricket and Football Association in 1893, this was followed by the first German Cricket Federation in 1913, but ceased its activities during the war. Only occasionally there was after the Second World War still ways for the game operation. Especially in the British occupation zone, Cricket had still his place.

Enough clubs were not until the 1980s emerged again to another attempt can. The DCB is a member of the European Cricket Council (ECC ), the successor organization to the European Cricket Federation.

In 1991, the DCB was admitted as an affiliate member in the International Cricket Council (ICC). The main event of the previous association to history was certainly the admission as an Associate Member in 1999, the second highest category of membership, by the German Association was formally put on the same level with, for example, the Scottish or Dutch Cricket Association, countries with a long tradition of cricket.