Deutscher Segler-Verband

Founded in 1888, The German Sailing Association eV ( DSV ) is the national advocacy and professional sports association of the German sailors. He is the umbrella organization for some 1,350 sailing clubs and surf clubs (as of December 2006), for the 16 state associations sailors and 85 class associations.

The DSV will represent Germany in the world governing body for sailing (International Sailing Federation - ISAF) and the sport of sailing in the German Olympic Sports Confederation ( DOSB).


1888, the German Sailing Association was founded with Adolpf Burmester as its first chairman. In the premises of the Norddeutscher Regatta Verein in Hamburg met as official founding clubs: North German Regatta Association, Imperial Yacht Club, club sailors am Wannsee, SC Rhe Königsberg, Berlin sailing club, Berlin Regatta Club, Academic Seglerverein (Berlin), Spandau Yacht Club, Berlin Yacht Club, Hamburg Elbsegel Regatta Association, St. Georger sailing club. Associations of the DSV could only accept members who do not " lived work of their hands. " During the year 1933, the DSV is brought into line. At the same time, the workers founded in 1901 by Free Sailing Association first renamed in German rides and betting Sailing Federation and then aufgelöst.1934 carried out the liquidation of the German Sailing Federal DSB, making it the DSV since then the only German trade association in sailing.

Organization and activities

The Association is a membership organization with headquarters in Berlin, the office is in Hamburg. In the DSV clubs around 188,000 members are organized, including approximately 30,000 children and young people. Bodies of the Association are the Bureau of Seglerrat and Seglertag.

On behalf of the Federation of DSV organized with its audit committee, the Coordinating Committee for the official Sportbootführerschein Lake and the Central Administration, the complete official German Sportbootführerschein beings in the sailing area.

For the Sportbootführerschein internal and Sportbootführerschein See the two associations are mortgaged German Sailing Association ( DSV) and German Motoryachtverband ( DMYV ) responsible.

The associations of the DSV exhibit association's licenses (sports sailing license, youngest sailing license ). These were created after the federation licenses A, BR, BK, C, and R for sailboats and yachts in late 2002 by the official licenses sport coastal certificate, Sportseeschifferschein and Sports offshore ship-appear were replaced. Segellehrer-/Surflehrerlizenzen will continue to be issued after acceptance for review by the DSV.

When racing the member associations of the DSV provide referees and umpires.

The Cruiser Division represents the DSV 19,000 cruising sailors, supports and promotes them.

The technical department issues an international boat slip.

The association also deals with other issues such as Umwelt-/Naturschutz, radio, model sailing and special forms of sailing, such as ice or beach sailing.


  • President of the German Sailing Association

Rolf Bähr (2005-2013)

Types of sailing

The following types of sailing are particularly represented by the DSV:

Dinghy sailing, catamaran sailing, sea and ocean sailing, wind-surfing, ice sailing, beach sailing, model sailing and kitesurfing.

Country sailors associations

The country's sailors organizations are associate members of the DSV.

  • Land Sailing Association Baden- Württemberg
  • Bavarian Sailing Association
  • Berlin Sailing Association
  • Association Brandenburgischer sailors
  • Association sailing Bremen
  • Hamburger Sailing Association
  • Hessischer Sailing Association
  • Sailing Association Mecklenburg- Vorpommern
  • Sailing Association of Lower Saxony
  • Sailing Association of North Rhine -Westphalia
  • Land Sailing Association of Rhineland- Palatinate
  • National Association Saarländischer sailors
  • Segler- Verband Sachsen
  • Land Sailing Association Saxony -Anhalt
  • Sailing Association of Schleswig -Holstein
  • Thuringian Sailing Association