Deutsches Frauenwerk

The German woman work (DFW ) was a National Socialist Women's Association, which was created in October 1933. He served in addition to the National Socialist Women's as a reservoir for the members of the regimented women's associations of the Weimar Republic. Among them were nationalist and conservative -oriented women's associations such as the Federation Queen Luise, Protestant wife work, the sisterhood of the German Red Cross and the Reich Federation of German housewives.

Although the DFW under stood as a registered association with its own assets not formally the Nazi Party, but the party was affiliated as a " supervised association ". DFW and the NSDAP directly subordinate to Nazi women's organization were close personal related organizations, as the Reich Women 's Leader Gertrud Scholtz - Klink was at the head of both organizations. In DFW approximately 1.7 million women were organized in the National Socialist Women's approximately 2.3 million. The largest broad impact of the supported jointly by the two organizations " Empire mothers service ", driving Residing in Essen Hof in Essen. He organized far -reaching so-called " mothers training ", which were alone from 1934 to 1937 attended by 1.14 million women in 54,000 courses. Here in child education doctrinal basis was the widespread Book of Johanna Haarer The German mother and her first child, an extreme example of child hostile poisonous pedagogy.

From 1935 to 1941, the series was published in Leipzig publisher Otto Beyer " women's culture in the German Women's work" (circulation 1939: 23,500 copies).