Deutz-Fahr is an existing since 1977 German agricultural machinery and tractor brand that ( KHD) with the previously independently managed brands " Deutz " and " driving " emerged from the agricultural technology sector of Klöckner- Humboldt -Deutz AG. Since 1995 Deutz-Fahr belongs to the Italian SAME group, which has since been operating under the name of SAME Deutz- Fahr ( SDF).

In Germany Deutz-Fahr tractors produced the series Agrotron Series 6 and Series 7 at a plant in Lauingen, which employs around 700 staff in 2013.


In 1975, KHD Maschinenfabrik Fahr in Gottmadingen completely after they had begun in 1962, to purchase shares of stock of the company. From 1975 KHD different machines marketed for a while separately under the two brand names and Deutz Fahr. 1977 began production under the newly formed brand Deutz-Fahr. A year later, the new DX - Series was introduced, which covered a power range from 80 to 160 hp with their five-and six-cylinder diesel engines. From 1980 this series has been down through the '07 series, which had two-to four-cylinder engines, complemented.

Starting in 1982, combines have been manufactured under license by Đuro Đaković in Croatia.

1988 sold to the grassland sector, with the plant in Gottmadingen, to Greenland. Where Deutz-Fahr also continued to keep appropriate machines on offer, which were manufactured by Greenland.

In 1990, Deutz-Fahr with the AgroXtra series the first "high visibility " tractor before.

In 1992, the millionth ran at KHD Deutz or Deutz-Fahr tractor off the assembly line. To date, over 500,000 in use worldwide, of which nearly 320,000 in Germany.

Due to economic difficulties, sold KHD 1995, the agricultural machinery sector with the brand Deutz-Fahr to the Italian SAME Group (then SAME Lamborghini Hürlimann, subsequently renamed SAME Deutz-Fahr SDF). In the same year a new series was introduced with the Agrotron.

1996, tractor production was moved from Cologne to Lauingen. This year also saw the production of the forage harvester began giant 400 Likewise, the Agro Plus series, which was based on the Dorado series from seed, but uses engines from Deutz presented.

After Greenland was taken over by Kverneland 1998, the machines were made ​​in the area of ​​grassland from then on by Kverneland.

2001 TTV was presented with continuously variable transmission.

2002 production of combine harvesters in Lauingen plant has been set. Instead, they now moved into the combines, AGCO from their plant in Randers (Denmark). After this cooperation ended in 2004, we moved from there harvester Sampo Rosenlew. After Same- Deutz-Fahr had acquired a combine harvester in Croatia in 2005, combine harvesters could now be manufactured in a group's own work again.

Since 2004 also telescopic handlers, which are produced in cooperation with JLG Industries, part of the product program.

In cooperation with the Argentine Vassalli Fabril you could imagine on the EIMA 2008 the first rotary combine the brand Deutz-Fahr.

2009 Agrotrac series was presented at the Agritechnica, which is intended for countries with less sharp emission regulations. This is based on the laser range of seed and seed of motors used.

Since September 2010 Deutz-Fahr relates the Drum and pressing Kuhn because Kuhn bought the pressing plant of Kverneland Geldrop, including patents. The Disc Mowers, Tedders and rakes continues to come from Kverneland.

2013 was presented with the C9000 series is a new series of combines.

Market share

In Germany Deutz-Fahr 2012 reached in the range tractors from 51 HP a market share of 12.3%, thus demonstrating Rank 3 behind John Deere (1st place) and Fendt (2nd place). In Austria occupied Deutz-Fahr 2012 with a market share of 5.7 % Rank 7 the registration statistics. In Switzerland, Deutz-Fahr ranked in 2012 to 4th place with a market share of 9.5%.



Other products

Besides tractors Deutz-Fahr are also products of grassland technology such as loading trailer, baler, and drum mowers and disc mowers from Kuhn manufactured under the brand name. In addition, the SAME Deutz-Fahr Group provides its own combine of series 6040, 6060-6095 and 7545 HTS RTS in its own factory in Croatia ago. Also telescopic handlers are sold under the brand name Deutz-Fahr.