The DGMK German Society for Petroleum, natural gas and coal eV is a non-profit, membership organization with the aim of promoting science, research, technology and education in the field of exploration, extraction, storage, processing and use of oil, natural gas and their secondary products, petrochemicals and coal refining.

The club is based in Hamburg has about 1700 members. Honorary chairman is Wilhelm von Ilse Mann ( born August 15, 1921 in the Netherlands ), Honorary Senator, Chairman Kurt Döhmel. Former Chairman is, inter alia, Wilhelm Keim.

The DGMK awards, among others the Carl Engler Medal and the DGMK Prize for Young Scientists. The DGMK are still together with the Austrian Society for Petroleum Sciences ( ÖGEW ) the journal Petroleum Natural Gas Coal out.

History / name

The club was founded in 1933 to support the National Socialist economic policies as the German Society for Petroleum Research ( DGM) under the leadership of Leo Ubbelohde in VDI building in Berlin. At the inaugural meeting attended by 75 people. At the end of the foundation year was the membership of 455 (366 individual members, 63 companies and 26 corporations and institutions).

With the end of Nazi rule, the DTM was first dissolved in 1945, but already re- established in 1948 under the name of the German Society for Petroleum Science and Coal Chemistry. The abbreviation DGMK, which still bears the club in the name and by which he is known, is a remnant of this former name, which the club led to 1986.