DongHai 10 (DH -10) is a Chinese standard cruise missiles, a missile around 2007 introduced the "second generation " with a single conventional (HE) or nuclear warhead, which will have a range of about 2,400 km. He flies his goal with a combination of inertial navigation and GPS, it follows very deep the terrain contour; search accuracy should be at 10 m.

DH -10 have so far been introduced air forces in the country and armed forces ( airborne variant CJ 10). Now there is obviously evidence that the DH -10 is also planned for a naval version of the use of surface vessels. No firing of a standard vertical launch system be possible - in contrast to the U.S. Tomahawk but should - at least in previous versions. This means that DH -10 with scaffolding needed on a warship own start canister. By default, this should be eight missiles. This favors the one hand the retrofitting of in- service ships, but would then probably go with these at the expense of existing anti-ship FK starter.

As a possible future carrier especially new destroyer of LUJANG - III- class (Type 052D ) favors whose type ship has just been launched. In addition, you can probably assume that is also working on developing a submarine -assisted variant.