Dha (sword)

The Dha (also Daarb, Dha - Iway or Dhaarb ) is a traditional sword in Burma ( Myanmar), Thailand and the neighboring countries.


The Dha originated in Burma and spread throughout the neighboring countries. It is still in use today.


The Dha has a single-edged, slightly curved blade, which only slightly widens from the booklet to place ( peak) out. Most blades terminate in an elongated tip, but there are also copies, send the blunt (straight cut ). The blades are on average about 40 cm long and have no hollow ground, some blades have a narrow fuller ( blood groove falsely called ). The tang (handle ) has no guard and is usually made of wood, horn, bone or ivory, but also made from plated metal with wood. Some handles have a knob that can be made of metal and is hemispherical or smooth. The sheaths are usually made of wood, which is covered with metal. The sheath is attached to a cord which serves as the support device, and is so long that it can be used as a shoulder strap. Often the blade and handle are also engraved or inlaid ( Tausia ) decorated.