A Dharani ( Skt. Dharani ) is a text with magical significance, which contains mostly symbolic way, the essence of a prayer or a sacred doctrine. Dharanis there are both in Hinduism and in the various Buddhist schools (especially the esoteric ).

Literally, it means " that by which something is maintained " and often referred to Buddhist chants without logical meaning. They serve to strengthen the mind ( Skt. dharana ), one gained through meditation knowledge or intuition. You can embody both the quintessence of a teaching as well as the experience of a particular state of consciousness. They differ in the function not the mantra, but at most in form, in that they frequently reach a considerable length. They are primarily a product or tool of meditation: "By deepening ( Skt. samādhi ) is best obtained by a truth, fixed by Dharani and preserved they are. "

The recitations done in the original language. Since they are not read for the instruction or edification, but to " Summon ", it is meaningless if the listener or the reciting understands them. Chance of sections have been translated. Such are known in Japanese as Shoji. They were often used for " faith healing " in diseases or to exorcism purposes.