Dhruva (Sanskrit, m. ध्रुव dhruva " Fixed " ) is a mythical Hindu ascetic and intimate devotee of Lord Vishnu. He was as Polaris (then β UMi ) verstirnt and belongs to the Vasus.


Dhruva is the son of Uttanapada, a son of Manu Svayambhu, and Suniti. Suruchi - the other woman of Uttanapada - was the mother of Uttama. Suruchi, Dhruva treated badly because she wanted only her son King would. But Dhruva anyway just wanted what he could achieve on our own, and went to practices in the school, from which he received the Dvadashaksharamantra. After he had been meditating 3000 years in asceticism with this mantra about Vishnu, he was from this as Polaris moved to the sky as a sign of strength and steadiness in the faith.