Dia (mythology)

Dia (Greek Δῖα, Δία ) is in the Mycenaean mythology, a female equivalent of Zeus. On found in Pylos and Knossos Linear B tablets it is attested by the name Diwija. In nachmykenischer time she is ritually connected to Hera and Hebe. According to Strabo was Hebe, the goddess of youth and wife of Hercules, venerated under the name of Dia in Sicyon and Phlius.

Furthermore, Dia is in the Greek mythology, the wife of Ixion. Their origin is unclear. It is considered a daughter of Eioneus or Deioneus or Hesioneus. Ixion had his father- rich bridal gifts promised, but when he demanded it, he was thrown from Ixion in a column filled with hot coals pit. Dia is mother of Pirithous, whose father Ixion or - after the majority of sources - Zeus himself.

Finally, it should be a slide by Apollon mother of Arkaders Dryops; as the father of this slide Lycaon is called.

Among the Romans, Dea Dia is the name of an otherwise unknown female deity. Your was the sacrifice offered by the Arvalbrüdern in May victims. Whether it is this deity in an inscription testified from Amiternum slide is unclear.