Diabaly (also Diabali and Diabal at Google Maps ) is a small town and rural settlement in Niono ( circle) in the Ségou region in Mali. The municipality has a size of 1538 km ² and consists of 28 villages and the city. In the census of 2009, the municipality had 35 266 inhabitants. The city is located 50 km north of Niono on the west side of the Fala de Molodo channel, which is a part of the Niger irrigation program. The fields around the city are irrigated, but a large part of the municipality is in the east of the Fala de Molodo in an area without irrigation.

Northern Mali - conflict

Events related to the conflict in Northern Mali Diabaly in September 2012 and January 2013.

Massacre in September 2012

On the evening of September 8, 2012 met 17 unarmed Dawa Tablighi preacher from Mauritania at the border crossing in Dogofry, 15 km north of Diabaly one who wanted to attend a religious conference in Bamako. They were suspected of being Islamists arrested by soldiers of the army of Mali and shot 16 of them later in Armeeestützpunkt Diabaly.

Associated Press reported that the soldiers carried out the massacre of their own accord, while ignoring not only the normal use commands but also their command structure. The Malian government expressed its deepest condolences but refused responsibility for the massacre from.

Occupation by the rebels in January 2013

On January 14, 2013 occupied five vehicles of the oppositional forces Diabaly after they were attacked by the French Air Force. The opposition group fighting for about 10 hours with the Malian army and were 200 m in front of the Malian army base. According to reports January 20, 2013, the French Air Force attacked on Tuesday, January 15, the Islamists in Diabaly to, from Wednesday, French and Malian troops fought ground battles with the armed groups and on Sunday the reconquest was reported.