Dialogue with Trypho

Dialogue with Trypho (Latin Dialogus cum Tryphone Judaeo ) is a major work of early Christian philosophers and church father Justin. It was built between 155 and 160 The work bears witness to the confrontation of the Old Church with Judaism and is considered the oldest surviving anti-Jewish apologetics. Thus, it is also an important source for the origin of Christianity and of Christian doctrine.

The dialogue is formal in the tradition of the Platonic dialogues. It is aimed at Jews, Christians and pagans. Justin Martyr here reflects his experiences as a missionary resist, probably disputed on his travels with Jewish scribes. The dialogue is characterized by such a dispute during the time of the Bar Kochba revolt and the subsequent anti-Christian riots. The fact that Justin is said to have the dialogue actually out in Ephesus, and there also converted to Christianity, is not historically verifiable.


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