Diamond DA40

The DA 40 Diamond Star is a four-seat light aircraft, which is manufactured by the Austrian company Diamond Aircraft. The number of type - certificate EASA A.022 is.


The first flight of the modified still with a Rotax 914 drive DA 40 (DA 40V1 ) took place on 5 November 1997. In June 2000, then followed by the first production aircraft, which is approved by JAR/FAR-23. The aircraft is built mainly of fiber-reinforced plastic and is known for its cost-effectiveness. Therefore, it is often used as a training aircraft for the training of private and professional pilots.

The DA 40 is available with standard instrumentation as well as with a glass cockpit ( G1000 ). Depending on the equipment, it can be approved for visual flight, night flight or instrument flight.

The DA 40 is powered by a 134 kW Lycoming 5.9 - liter four- cylinder boxer engine. In contrast to her little sister, the Diamond DA20, which can also use MOGAS, the DA 40 must be operated with AVGAS 100LL. The production of the standard version is now in the branch plant in Canada.

Alternatively, the DA 40 D available, which is equipped with a diesel engine of Thielert. The DA 40 D is characterized by a low consumption with high torque. The engine can be operated with conventional diesel fuel and kerosene in any mixing ratio. The high availability of diesel fuel and kerosene in Europe speaks for the DA 40 D. Following the bankruptcy of the engine manufacturer Thielert Diamond announced a proprietary development by the daughter of Austro Engine. On 8 April 2010 the DA variant was certified 40 NG (New Generation ) with the motor type AE300 by EASA.

The DA 40 XL is a luxury version based on the standard DA 40 DA 40 F with fixed propeller represents a simplified cheaper version

Because the plane does not have a pressurized cabin, the maximum flight height ( ft 16,404 ) to 5,000 m limited.


The U.S. Air Force Academy procured 2009 20 Diamond DA40CS on a lease agreement with Blue Sky Aviation and Doss Aviation. They were used as T- 52A at the 557th Flight Training Squadron.


The DA 40 D is no longer sold as new aircraft.