Diamond HK36 Super Dimona

The Diamond HK36 " Super Dimona " is a two-seat touring motor glider from the Austrian manufacturer Diamond Aircraft based in Wiener Neustadt. It is a further development of the Hoffmann H36 Dimona. The HK36 by Rotax engines is driven 80-115 hp ( 60 and 86 kW). The H type designation is the main designer Wolf Hoffmann, the K for the co-constructor Dieter Köhler.


The Dimona (manufacturer Hoffmann) was equipped with the Limbach L2000 engine and tailwheel landing gear, while Diamond was up to the manufacturer Rotax and produced the machines now known as the HK36 Super Dimona with the Rotax 912 ( non-turbocharged ) and 914 ( with turbocharger ), to which the motor carrier and cladding had to be adjusted. Other differences are missing windows behind the canopy frame and the optionally available for the Super Dimona winglets. Developed from the Super Dimona Diamond DA20 Katana later. Modifications to the suspension ( nose wheel instead of tail wheel ) and a completely new, shorter wings with flaps turned the motor glider a two-seat light aircraft. The tricycle landing gear is now available also in the Super Dimona, so that externally between Super Dimona and Katana - except for the larger span of the Super Dimona - differences are barely noticeable.

Use as a tow plane

By similar flight characteristics to modern gliders, the equipped with the Rotax 914 engines Super Dimona are in particular very well as a tow plane. Gliders with a maximum take-off mass of 600 kg can be towed, with the 115 hp engine up to 750 kg.