Diana Muldaur

Diana Muldaur ( born August 19, 1938 in New York ) is an American actress.

During her career as an actress, she has predominantly been on in television productions and series. From 1970 to 1977 she had a role in the crime series A sheriff in New York ( Original title: McCloud ) with Dennis Weaver. In the 13- part television series Born free to Elsa the lioness of 1974 she was in the role of naturalist Joy Adamson front of the camera. A guest role had Diana Muldaur in 1973 in the series Kung Fu ( The Elixir ) and in 1976 in an episode of Charlie's Angels.

Muldaur played the Doctor Katherine Pulaski in the science fiction series Star Trek: The Next Generation (Original Title: Star Trek: The Next Generation). Previously, she was already in the original series Star Trek ( Original title: Star Trek, 1966-69 ) occurred in two episodes in guest roles. She was also known as Rosalind Shays in the legal drama LA Law

In 1983 she was elected president of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and is therefore still the only woman who held this post. After the end of their two-year term of office they did not stand for re-election.

Her younger brother is the folk singer Geoff Muldaur.

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