Diana Vreeland

Diana Vreeland ( born September 29, 1903 in Paris, † August 22 1989 in New York City ) was an American fashion designer, columnist, critic and editor in the department of fashion and design and a New York scene size. At times, she served as editor of the American edition of Vogue magazine.


Born as Diana Dalziel in Paris, she was the eldest daughter of a British father (Frederick Young Dalziel ) and an American mother (Emily Key Hoffman ). Vreeland came from an American high-society family, whose ancestors should go back up to George Washington. The family moved at the end of the First World War to America.

Diana Dalziel ( Vreeland ) married in 1924 the banker Thomas Reed Vreeland. After their marriage the couple moved to London; here Vreeland initially led a shop for women's fashion, whose clients include among others Wallis Simpson (later the Duchess of Windsor ) belonged. They often visited Paris, where she met Coco Chanel and her friend, the jewelry designer Suzanne Belperron.

1937 covered the Vreeland's back to New York City. Here Diana Vreeland's career began as a columnist and editor for the fashion magazine Harper 's Bazaar. 1962 to 1972 she was editor in chief of American Vogue magazine. Her husband died in 1967. 1971 she was technical advisor to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the field of fashion design.

Diana Vreeland had a sister (Alexandra Dalziel ) and was the cousin of Pauline de Rothschild, a fashion and style icon of the 1960s was, about the often worked in numerous magazines for the Vreeland says. Moreover, Andy Warhol was one for her New York upper-class connections to their circle of acquaintances.