Diane Cluck

Diane Cluck is a native of Pennsylvania singer-songwriter, composer and guitarist, which has its roots in New York's anti-folk scene. Since 2007 she has lived in the small town of Stone Mountain, Georgia.


Diane Cluck grew up in an Amish community in Pennsylvania on .. From a young age she learned to play the piano.

In early 2000, she left the Amish community and moved to Brooklyn, New York City. There she began to play the guitar and wrote her first songs. Both play the guitar, and other instruments such as harmonium, zither, violin and glockenspiel, she taught himself.

In the following years they often joined the "Open Mic Nights " at the Sidewalk Cafe, the meeting place of the anti-folk scene in New York's Lower East Side on. She is friends with the Casady sisters of CocoRosie and their album Countless Times was released by the label VoodooEROS, which belongs Bianca Casady. Cluck is heard on the album CocoRosie Noah 's Ark in the song " Armageddon" as a background singer.

Musical development

Overall, it has been recorded six albums. Your Song Monte Carlo is heard on the Rough Trade compilation Antifolk Volume 1, where she worked with other artists of the anti-folk scene such as Adam Green, Kimya Dawson or Dufus is heard. Musically, she worked among others with Jeffrey Lewis, Herman Dune, David Garland and Kimya Dawson together. Diane Cluck 's last album, Monarcana, appeared on 10 July 2006 under the label Very Friendly. Monarcana is a compilation of demo songs that has taken Diane Cluck 2001-2004 at home.

In July 2006, she toured the U.S. and from July to August 2006 by the United Kingdom. In the summer of 2007, Diane Cluck was again on tour in Europe and this time she also played in France, Spain, the Netherlands and Scotland. In the fall of 2007, they toured small cafes in the U.S., mainly on the east coast. In spring 2008, she played mainly concerts in their homeland, the USA. In the summer of 2008, Diane Cluck was again on Europe-wide tour that took them to northern Europe, including Sweden and Norway. On this tour, it was the first time musically accompanied by a drummer.


Their music is considered by many critics to be more demanding than the music of other anti-folk musician. Cluck plays guitar at their performances - this is her main instrument. However, on their albums, they also played inter alia, piano, organ, harmonium, xylophone, violin, percussion and harp. Inspired by it's artists and composers such as Erik Satie and Kate Bush. Their music often used disharmony and a strong guitar playing.


  • Diane Cluck - 2000
  • Macy 's Day Bird - 2001
  • Black With Green Leaves - 2002
  • Oh Vanille / Ova Nil - 2003
  • Countless Times - 2005
  • Monarcana - demo recordings, which she recorded between 2001 and 2004 at home (first published 2006)

Work together

  • The River - 2001 - with Jeffrey Lewis
  • Travel Light - 2001 - with Jeffrey Lewis
  • Finish Line - 2001 - with Jeffrey Lewis
  • So Not What I Wanted - Herman Dune
  • To Live Like the Boys - Herman Dune
  • Noah 's Ark - with CocoRosie