Diane Lamein

Status: National 9 May 2012

Diane Lamein ( born October 18, 1979 in Amsterdam ) is a former Dutch Handball.

Diane Lamein played initially in their home at OSC Amsterdam, Aalsmeer, Van Riet Nieuwegein and VOC Amsterdam, before she moved to Bundesliga side Bayer 04 Leverkusen. About the clubs TV Lützellinden and VfL Oldenburg joined the backcourt player 2007 Buxtehude SV. After the 2012/13 season, she finished her career.

Students World Champion from 1999 denied 298 caps for the Dutch national team, in which they scored 617 hits. With the Dutch selection they finished fifth at the World Championships in Russia in 2005.


  • World Student Champion 1999
  • Final Euro -City Cup 1999
  • Semifinals EHF Cup 2002
  • Vice Champion 2002 in the Bundesliga
  • 5th place 2005 World Championships
  • Cup finals Riesa 2006
  • EHF Challenge Cup 2010