• Dibenzalacetone
  • 1.5 Diphenylpenta -1 ,4 -dien- 3-one
  • (1E, 4E ) -1,5- Diphenylpenta -1 ,4 -dien- 3-one
  • 538-58-9
  • 35225-79-7 (trans- trans)


1.11 g · cm -3 ( 25 ° C)

112-114 ° C

Insoluble in water

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Dibenzylidenacetone or dibenzalacetone (abbreviation: dba) is an organic chemical compound and is one of the ketones. It is used in organometallic chemistry, for example as a ligand to palladium. The most common form is the trans -trans form, but are also found the isomeric cis -cis and cis- trans forms.


The synthesis of dibenzylidenacetone done by aldol condensation of acetone with two equivalents of benzaldehyde. If one chooses a ratio of one equivalent of acetone and 2.2 equivalents of benzaldehyde, ie an excess of benzaldehyde, obtained yields 90-94 %.