Dick Tracy (1990 film)

Dick Tracy is the title of a comic book adaptation from 1990. The film is based on the eponymous comic strip, which was first printed in the 30s. Directed by Warren Beatty, which simultaneously took over the title role. Other performers include Madonna, Al Pacino and Dustin Hoffman. Beatty paid tribute to the comic respect by winning in the movie besides black and white also only the five colors used in the original comic began. In Germany the film on September 27, 1990 saw.


The cop Dick Tracy tries by all means to bring his nemesis Big Boy Caprice behind bars, but so far an arrest always eluded. His hunt for the Upper Rogue leads him to the singer Breathless Mahoney, caused a crisis in its relationship with Tess Trueheart.


  • Filmdienst: " The the 50 years old comic cartoon by Chester Gould nachgestaltete film sketches for his hero a movie world that draws its inspiration equally from the comic strips as from the films of the 30s and 40s Imaginative and entertaining way, refined. by artifices and principles by which the themes of the film - the fight against the mob, temptation by the vamp, romantic bonds -. organized for the different emotion levels visual formulas are developed about the use of primary colors, these cinematic structure ever closer enters into connection with the creation of the comic world, taking the violence of the genre is dissolved into Playful ".
  • The German Film Institute writes about the film: " About Dick Tracy was one in 1990 so united as today about Sin City: this was the hitherto most compelling comic book movie. Warren Beatty told as director and star of the history of the incorruptible detective, who fought the only gangster boss Big Boy Caprice in its efforts, the power to take over permanently. Equipment, architecture, costumes, masks: the film was an extraordinary work of art, held in the seven colors of the original comic from the 40s. These shines a number of top performers (including Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Madonna, James Caan ) in a highly entertaining tribute to the classic gangster movie. "


The film won three Academy Awards 1991: Best Art Direction ( Richard Sylbert ), Best Makeup ( John Caglione junior and Doug Drexler ) and Best Song (Stephen Sondheim - " Sooner or Later ( I Always Get My Man) "). In the categories of Best Supporting Actor (Al Pacino ), Best Costume Design ( Milena Canonero ), Best Cinematography ( Vittorio Storaro ) and Best Sound ( Thomas Causey, Chris Jenkins, David E. Campbell and Doug Hemphill ), he was also nominated.

At the Golden Globes, he was Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor and two Best Song - nominated (Stephen Sondheim " Sooner or Later ( I Always Get My Man) " and "What Can You Lose ?"), But did not win in any of the categories.

At the 1991 BAFTA Awards, the film won in the categories " Best Make - Up" and "Best Production Design". In a total of five other categories, Dick Tracy was nominated, including Al Pacino for Best Supporting Actor.

Al Pacino won the American Comedy Award as Best Supporting Actor.

At the Grammy Awards in 1991, both the original score, as well as the song "More" were nominated, but both were not awarded a Grammy.


For this film were released three different albums that contained more or less all the tracks from the movie. The original score is by composer Danny Elfman and is entitled Dick Tracy - Original Score. The orchestra was conducted by Shirley Walker.

Madonna released an album under the title I'm Breathless - Songs from and inspired by the film Dick Tracy. Then there are only four tracks that were used in the film, including the Oscar winning song Sooner or Later ( I Always Get My Man).

Furthermore, a compilation was released, at the artists like Erasure, KD Lang, Darlene Love and Ice-T contributed inspired by the movie songs. Were complemented by older recordings, for example, by Jerry Lee Lewis and Brenda Lee.