Dictionary of the Middle Ages

The Dictionary of the Middle Ages is an English-language encyclopedia to the Middle Ages. The 13 -volume encyclopedia was in the period 1982-1989 published by the " American Council of Learned Societies," and published by Charles Scribner's Sons in New York. Was initiated the project in 1975 by the American historian Joseph Strayer, who was also the responsible publisher / editor and co-editor of a circuit board (among others Theodore M. Andersson ). In 2003, under the editorship of William Chester Jordan a supplementary volume.

The dictionary is over a period of 500 to 1500 AD and extends geographically throughout Europe in the Latin West, on the Scandinavian and Slavic countries, Asia Minor and Persia and the Muslim- Christian areas of North Africa. An interdisciplinary panel of expert advisors mitherausgebenden placed the order for writing the articles almost 1,300 internationally recognized and renowned researchers.

The Dictionary of the Middle Ages is comparable to the German lexicon of the Middle Ages and the French Dictionnaire du moyen âge encyclopédique.


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