Did not finish

The designation "Did not finish" ( DNF, . Engl for " not finished " ) is commonly used in sports for started subscriber who could not finish the event.

Especially in endurance sports is thus displayed in the results list and also honored that the starter or the starter while the competition started, but has not finished it. If lap times or split times of the sub-disciplines are mentioned (for example, the triathlon ), so it is common despite a DNF in which the total time column reached the individual, if that were completed specify. For rotary pursuit race, such as in track cycling and speed skating, a DNF will also be given if a team has been eliminated due to lapping.

Similar references in the result lists are:

  • DNQ - "Did not qualify " (not qualified)
  • DNS - "Did not start" ( not started )
  • DISQ, DSQ, DQ - " Disqualified " ( disqualified, for example, after a false start )
  • FNR - "Final not reached" ( Final not reached, for example, common in figure skating )
  • LPD - " lapped " ( lapped, so that if one his leaving the competition )


  • Under the title Did not finish a book published in 2005 by Andreas Beune over twenty early or late fatal accident professional cyclist, including Fabio Casartelli, Marco Pantani and Andrei Kiwiljow.
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