Dida language

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Niger - Congo

  • Atlantic - Congo Kru Eastern Krusprachen

Gud ( Yocoboué Dida ) dic ( Lakota Dida )

The Dida is a language that is spoken in the Ivory Coast.

It is a dialect continuum of the Kru language group.

When Dida There are two groups, Yocoboué Dida ( 101,600 speakers in 1993) and Lakota Dida ( 93,800 speakers in 1993), which are only marginally mutually intelligible and are actually to be regarded as separate languages. Both have different dialects: Yocoboué ( Yokubwe ) consists of the Lozoua ( Lozwa ) and Divo dialects ( 7,100 and 94,500 speakers), and from the Lakota Lakota ( Lakota ), Abou- (Abu ) and Vata dialects. The prestige dialect is spoken in the City Guitry variant of Lozoua dialect, which, however, competition from French, the Ivorian official language, gets, because it enjoys an even higher prestige on the part of the political elite.

Yocoboué is also known as Guitry, Yocoboue, Yokouboué, Gakpa, Goudou ( Gudu ) and Kagoué ( Kagwe ). Lakota is, however, also known as Dieko, Gabo, Satro, Guébie ( Gebye ) Brabori and Ziki.


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