Didcot is a town with 22,000 inhabitants in the south of Oxfordshire, 16 miles south of Oxford. Didcot belonged to a boundary change in 1974 to Berkshire County.

Didcot was in the First World War an important railway junction, as there was a connection for the routes from London, Bristol and Oxford to Southampton since 1882 here. The railway line was built to meet the demands of World War II 1942/43, but in 1966 the connection to Southampton was closed.

Didcot is known mainly because of the controversial power plant Didcot Power Station today. The two blocks of the power plant with a total of six cooling towers were chosen by the readers of the magazine Country Life in 2003 to number 3 on the 10 worst Verschandelungen Britain.

Also environmental protests have on the coal, natural gas and biogas power plant to be operated ignited in the past.

Since 2012 is twinned with the Bavarian town of Planegg.