Didymus the Musician

Didymus the Musician is a Greek music theorists of the first century BC.

His music theoretical works have survived only indirectly by Porphyry and Ptolemy. Among them are his tetrachords in string lengths, from which can be calculated as follows, the interval proportions:

So he used as already Archytas the pure major third, but using it as the first in the diatonic scale as the sum of the major and minor whole tone, because proportionally applies ( 10:9 ) • ( 9:8 ) = 5:4. The difference between the two whole tones is called the syntonic comma, which is sometimes referred to as didymisches comma, although Didymus did not act it.

  • Music theorists
  • Greek ( Ancient )
  • Born in the 1st century BC
  • Died in the 1st century BC
  • Man