Die Fantastischen Vier

The Fantastic Four also Fanta4 are a German hip- hop band from Stuttgart.

The musicians are Michael Bernd Schmidt alias Smudo, Thomas Dürr alias Hausmeister Thomas D and Michael Beck alias Dee Jot Michi Beck or house brand. As the producer of the band acts the fourth member Andreas Rieke alias And.Ypsilon, manager of the group since 1989 Andreas Läsker.


Mid-1980s were Michael Bernd Schmidt and Andreas Rieke the "Terminal Team"; 1989 met Michael Beck and Thomas Dürr added.

Under the name of The Fantastic Four, the musicians performed for the first time on July 7, 1989, on a self-made stage of Euro pallets in a former nursery school in Stuttgart -Wangen. In 1991 she published her piece now it's off to the first German hip -hop sampler Krauts with Attitude. They were the first rap formation which, nationwide made ​​headlines with the "Deutsches Chanting " as the Fantastic Four call their music. Although the formation of Advanced Chemistry is one of the first groups to hip-hop transpose in German; However, the first chart success in the genre Deutschrap had the Fantastic Four instrumental prepared in 1992 with the title The da? , with whom she attracted nationwide attention and the popularization of the genre the way. In addition to their joint albums Smudo, Thomas D, house brand and And.Y were also successful with solo projects and had in 1993 and 1994 to premiere their own weekly broadcast TV show The Fourth Dimension, which was named after her third album.

Popkomm 1996, they announced the creation of their own label Four Music. The label is based in Berlin sees itself as a label by artists for artists. This they established after their exodus from their home town Stuttgart.

It took three more years to Fantastic Four brought out with their sixth album 4:99 in April 1999, their first album on their label. The album was twelve weeks in the German charts and reached number one. Four singles were released. After the court - 2 hit MfG - Sincerely three other singles were released at the same time, which could be associated with one of the three rappers of the Fantastic Four: Le Smou ( Smudo ), Michi Beck in Hell ( Michigan ) and Buenos Dias Messias ( Thomas ).

In 2000 took a Fantastic Four MTV Unplugged album in the Balve cave in the Sauerland.

End of September 2004 published The Fantastic Four Album MUCH. The Tour PLENTY Move began in late November 2004. In September 2005, the DVD was released with a lot of live concert recording and a tour documentary.

In November 2005 under the name Best of 1990-2005 appeared the first best-of album of the band, in addition to all singles, various other songs and rare, unpublished photos of the band from their early days in which they are still "Terminal Team" called and rapped in English, includes.

The Fantastic Four lent their voices to the four penguins in the German dubbing of animated films Madagascar, Madagascar 2 and Madagascar 3

In April 2007, the album Fornika, the single Reaping what we sow preceded and succeeded by his single Simple. Appeared In May and June the band played a club tour under the name Fornika for you, which led among other things to London, Paris and Minsk. In November and December, the hall tour Fornika for all followed.

The video for the published in November 2007 the third extraction Ichisichisichisich was produced as part of a video contest from a fan.

A live DVD for Fornika for all tour with a recording of the two Stuttgart concerts was released in April 2008; a week earlier appeared with Yeah Yeah Yeah another single.

The Fantastic Four was presented in 2009 as the first group of the Paul- Lincke- the city of Goslar for their achievements in the field of German- chant.

25 July 2009 playing Fantastic Four on the Stuttgart Beer Festival in Stuttgart for the 20th anniversary of its existence before about 60,000 fans a concert with the name home game. The band was accompanied by the Orchestra of the State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Minsk.

With A Tribute to The Fantastic Four appeared for the 20th anniversary of the band, a tribute album artwork on various artist tracks from the Fantastic Four.

In May 2010, the album was For you still Fanta you published. As a pre - single release appeared Give us calm the debt ( you can keep the rest of her ). Two months after the release of the album sold 100,000 units was awarded a gold record.

On 28 September 2010 gave the Fantastic Four world a live concert that was sent in addition to film screenings via the direct transfer in cinemas and presented in 3D. The concert took place at the Stone Gate Vaudeville in Halle an der Saale and was in around 100 cinemas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the same time to see.

In July 2012, the Fantastic Four took again an MTV Unplugged album, back in the Balver cave in Sauerland, on.

For October 2014, the band has announced their ninth studio album titled record.



Mega Four

After a joint appearance with the band Megalomaniax in Frankfurt Batschkapp in December 1993, the Metal-/Hip-Hop-Projekt Mega Four was founded in 1994. At this time this kind of crossover in the Metal and Alternative scene was very popular. In September 1994, an album was released, which sold about 80,000 times. Following the publication was followed by a tour with 20 concerts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The project was completed in November 1994.