Die Strandclique

  • Marco Girnth: Mark Roeder
  • Lisa karlström: Ann Petersen
  • Patrick Bach: Björn Sagmeister
  • Eva Habermann: Viola Kimmling
  • Steffen Groth: Rai Bartholdy
  • Eva Scheurer: Hilke Röders
  • Hermann Toelcke: Gunnar Hague Kamp
  • Maximilian Villwock: Lukas Röders
  • Henrike Fehr: Svenja Hague Kamp

The beach clique was a German television series that was produced from 1998 to 1999 as an offshoot of Against the Wind. The first season of the series was aired with 13 episodes from 22 February to 31 May 1999 and the second season of 26 episodes from 13 June to 31 July 2002 respectively at 18.55 and 18.50 clock.

This series was produced mainly on the beach of St. Peter -Ording, but shifted for a few weeks the location to Vietnam (2nd season ). Four 23 -minute episodes were produced from 6 to March 28, 2000 there. The previous episodes of the second season were filmed until 23 September 1999. The first season was filmed in the summer of 1998.

In contrast to Against the Wind The beach has clique five instead of two protagonists. Center of the action is a youth camp on the beach of St. Peter -Ording.


Five friends have turned their backs in a way the company and its performance pressure, try and other young people on the beach of St. Peter -Ording, a new perspective on life in the form of a youth camps, the Stilt House, to create. Leader of the clique is Mark, who, after he has traveled around a few years in the world's history, suddenly everything changes will have in his hometown: his father died, his brother Luke and his girlfriend Ann still have not forgiven him for the sudden disappearance and his mother comes with the new situation is not clear. Rai has, settled next to his old place of refuge, the stilt house in a camper. In order to prove himself a little, he took over the surf school on the beach, after he could not prevail previously as a freelance chef. In addition, Viola, daughter lives richer diplomats, in a luxury tent on the beach and is working on her thesis tourism. Marks old friend Björn has continued to restore the dream of his two-man yacht and thus to sail around the world. At the moment, however, he works as a carpenter. Ann, Marks girlfriend is a keeper in a Seal Sanctuary and otherwise very animal - and nature-loving. All five dream of freedom and self-realization and try to implement this dream together in the form of a youth camp.

Goal of their youth camps is to offer young people an alternative holiday and recreational needs and also to realize a free life on the beach. Everyone tries his own abilities and strengths with optimism but also bring a lot of energy, so that small clashes are inevitable. Nevertheless, collaboration of all experiences primarily instructive with it: The beach gang learns to take responsibility and yet still have fun, follow the rules, but to still feel free.


  • The first season reached in the relevant age group of 14 - to 49 -year average market share of 13%.
  • The complete series was released on 29 September 2008 on DVD.