Diemelstadt is a town in Waldeck- Frankenberg, Hesse state. It was created only in 1970, when the city Rhoden and the place Wrexen and then other surrounding locations to the new Diemelstadt were summarized. Council is based in Rhodes.

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  • 4.1 Views of the district Rhoden
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Neighboring communities

Diemelstadt bordered to the north and east by the town of Warburg ( circle Hoexter North Rhine -Westphalia), in the southeast of the city Volkmarsen, to the south by the town of Bad Arolsen (both in Waldeck- Frankenberg ), and in the west on the town of Mars mountain ( Hochsauerlandkreis in North Rhine -Westphalia).


The municipality comprises the districts

  • Ammenhausen
  • Dehausen
  • Helmighausen
  • Hesperinghausen
  • Neudorf
  • Orpethal
  • Rhoden (since 1237 city charter, the municipal seat )
  • Wethen
  • Wrexen


Located on the Northeastern Rothaargebirge has the Diemelstadt on a climate a little cooler than the annual average temperature in Germany. In winter, larger amounts of snow are possible and the average temperature is 0.8 ° C; in summer temperatures of 15.9 ° C can be achieved on average. In general Diemelstadt is one of the driest areas in Hesse. The annual rainfall is only 620 mm.


Diemelstadt was established on November 1, 1970 in advance of the municipal reform in Hesse through the voluntary merger of the city and the municipality Rhodes Wrexen. On 31 December 1970 Ammenhausen, Dehausen, Helmighausen, Neudorf and Wethen were added. Hesperinghausen and Orpethal followed on 31 December 1971. According to a referendum of the name of the village was set to " Diemelstadt " and is thus a re-creation of non-originating. The city rights come from the city of Rhodes.

Population Development

The population has stalled. Many companies at the motorway exit offer jobs, for this reason, to attract young families in the community Diemelstadt.


Nearly three- quarters of the population of Diemelstadt are evangelical faith. In all districts, except Ammenhausen, Dehausen and Orpethal, there are Protestant churches.. The next Catholic churches is located in Bad Arolsen, Warburg Scherfede and Mars mountain.


City Council

The municipal election held 27 March 2011 yielded the following results:


Diemelstadt maintains partnership relations since 1990 for Thuringia crane field.

Culture and sights

Views of the district Rhoden

Aerial View

Night Impression Rhoder the highway, in the background the town church

View from the church tower to the north Rhoder

View from the church tower to the east Rhoder

View from the church tower Rhoder to the southeast, in the background the Kassel mountains

Church Square with old town hall ( yellow building)


  • Castle and royal family vault Rhoden
  • Settlement Gaulskopf ( early medieval fortification )
  • Old church ruin Rhodes
  • Old medieval town in the district of Rhodes with half-timbered ensembles
  • Church in Wethen with crypt
  • Castle Brobeck
  • Large Castle on Good Billingshausen ( Orpethal )

Economy and infrastructure


Infrastructural Diemelstadt is connected to the following highways:

  • A 44 (Kassel - Dortmund) in Rhodes.
  • B 252 ( Lahn - Göttingen - Blomberg ( East Westphalia ) ) in Rhodes.
  • B 68 (Paderborn ) in the direction Scherfede.
  • B 7 (Ruhrgebiet - Kassel - Eisenach ) at Wrexen.

In Diemelstadt no active passenger station exists. The Wrexen station, on Scherfeder area was decommissioned in 1970. The nearest train stations in the area are:

  • Station Warburg ( Westfalen) (distance about 15 minutes ) ICE and IC connections are available to Dusseldorf on Hamm and Stralsund via Kassel, Erfurt, Halle ( Saale ) and Berlin and Cologne, and Munich.
  • RE and RB connections are available to Hagen Meschede, to Kassel and Münster Hamm and Paderborn.
  • RE Hagen and Kassel Warburg.
  • RE to Kassel and Korbach

The nearest airports are located in close proximity to the city due to its convenient location.

  • Airport Paderborn / Lippstadt (distance approx 30 mins)
  • Airport Kassel -Calden (distance approx 45 mins)

Established businesses

  • HeWe - fensterbau GmbH
  • Jäkel GmbH & Co. KG Maschinenmesserfabrik
  • Okel GmbH & Co. KG expansion, painter, plaster
  • Sinemus e.K. Agricultural technology Diemelstadt - Wethen
  • Autohaus Krantz oHG, VW, Audi, Skoda workshop
  • Smurfit Kappa CD main paper and cardboard factory GmbH
  • Forwarding Varlemann in Diemelstadt - Wrexen and Diemelstadt Rhodes
  • Sprick GmbH Bielefeld paper and corrugated board plants & Co. ( Branch )
  • Prima packaging, corrugated box plant


  • Primary school Wrexen
  • Schlossbergschule Rhoden ( cooperative comprehensive school)
  • Rhodes Elementary School


Sons and daughters of Diemelstadt

  • Rudolf Rocholl, Lutheran theologian (1822-1905)
  • Wilhelm Dietzel, politicians and Hessian Minister of State for Environment, Rural Areas and Consumer Protection


  • Whit Monday is paced out the Schnadegang in Rhodes.
  • LARP event " Kite Festival "