Diemen ( listen? / I ) is a municipality in the Dutch province of North Holland.

Diemen is located between the IJsselmeer in the north, Amsterdam, Ouder - Amstel and Muiden. Diemen has 25,223 inhabitants ( 1 January 2013), on an area of 14.32 km ² (of which 2.49 km ² water) live.

Diemen is the Amsterdam - Rhine canal (Amsterdam- Rhine Canal ) and intersected by the river Diem. The Diem consists of two parts, ie from two Diemen, thereby the name of the place explained. Diemen consists of four districts: Diemen -Noord (D. -Nord), Diemen -Zuid (D. -South), Diemen Centrum (D. - center) and the Buitengebied ( outer region).

East of Diemen Diemen Over lies on both sides of the channel. North of the canal is the area of the Diemerzeedijk for years dump Amsterdam, but now the city park of IJburg.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Jorik Prins (* 1991), actor
  • Levi Heiman ( born 1985 ), cyclist; World Cup and Olympic athletes, as well as four-time national champion.
  • Peter Rijsenbrij (* 1959), DJ and radio presenter
  • Rudi Falk Hagen (1933-2005), actor and voice actor
  • Jaap Havekotte (* 1912), speed skaters