Dieter Bohlen

Dieter Bohlen ( born February 7, 1954 in Berne, Lower Saxony ) is a German musician, producer and songwriter. First gained fame planks in the 1980s as a member of the successful pop duo Modern Talking. In addition to successful productions of national and international artists, he distinguished himself also as a permanent jury member of the successful casting shipments Germany sucht den Superstar and Super Talent.

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Childhood and youth

Piles grew up with his parents, Hans ( b. 1928 ) and Edith Bohlen (* 1936) in East Frisia on. Later the family moved to the Oldenburg district Eversten. Bohlen was in his youth a long time member of the SDAJ and briefly a member of the German Communist Party, but is now no party affiliation. After graduating from the Business School of the vocational schools in Oldenburg Haarentor Bohlen moved to Göttingen. There he studied at the Georg -August- University at the request of his parents business administration. He graduated in 1978 with a degree in business administration.

Musical beginnings

Already during his school days wrote Bohlen music. From the late 1970s he composed and produced for the Hamburg music publishing "Inter song" numerous pop artists, at times he was a member of the Berlin singing group Sunday. Together with Holger Garboden founded the duo Bohlen Monza, for the Tony Hendrik the single Hello Taxi Number 10 (1978), produced and composed. It was Bohlen's first record, which remained without response. From 1980 he worked as a producer for the Berlin record label Hansa and tried his hand as a solo artist under the pseudonym " Steve Benson ". The first single was here Do not Throw My Love Away ( 1980). It was followed by two more singles with the titles Love Takes Time and ( You're a Devil With ) Angel Blue Eyes. None of these singles made ​​it into the Top 100, which in 1981 led to the dissolution of the project. In 1983, Dieter Bohlen for the first time participated in the preliminary round of the Grand Prix Euro Vision Song Contest. Bernd Clüver sang composed of planks title with 17 and ranking it in the preliminary round in third place.

Successes as a producer

After Bohlen had published unsuccessful with the pop singer Thomas Anders from 1982 six singles with German lyrics, he produced in the fall of 1984, the planks / Anders duo Modern Talking. It achieved success in European, Asian and African charts. In the years 1985 and 1986 the band in Germany with the title You're My Heart, You're My Soul, You Can Win If You Want, Cheri Cheri Lady, Brother Louie and Atlantis Is Calling (SOS for Love ) reached five times No. 1 on the German singles chart. 1987 Modern Talking split in dispute. Bohlen produced and wrote afterwards for other performers, among other things, discovered by him CC Catch ( Heartbreak Hotel). Under the name Blue System ( Under My Skin ), he continued to perform on themselves. 1998 Modern Talking were back together, but separated again in 2003.

1986 Bohlen wrote for crime scene episode The exchange entitled Midnight Lady, the former lead singer of Smokie, Chris Norman sang. The title was also a number -one hit. In the Tatort episode Moltke ( with Götz George as Schimanski and Eberhard Feik as Commissioner Thann ) of the title song Silent Water by Dieter Bohlen comes; as the fourth Blue System single it was published in December 1988. 1989 won planks with his songs the Grand Prix preliminary rounds in Germany and Austria. Nino de Angelo came for Germany with the song fliers and took 14th place in the Grand Prix Thomas Forstner joined entitled only to a song for Austria and finished fifth. 1992 Tony Wegas entered for Austria with the song composed by planks together geh'n Grand Prix and finished tenth. 1997 finished his project Blue System Bohlen after its recent publications in the media and the public were only perceived very cautious. On 3 March 2006 appeared a new album of planks, in addition to twelve new and six old titles as well as recent unpublished Modern Talking - Single Shooting Star and the title song from Dieter - Der Film, Gasoline contains. Dieter Bohlen came in 2006 with the Romanian preliminary round of the Euro Vision Song Contest 2006 as a producer of the duo Indiggo (consisting of the twins Mihaela and Gabriela Modorcea ) and the title Be My Boyfriend on, they reached the preliminary round in seventh place.

2010 reached the produced of planks for the singer Andrea Berg album Weightless # 1 on the German album charts and was awarded with triple platinum. The second produced by planks for mountain adventure album could also achieve this in 2011.

In order to protect themselves from an assignment to a particular musical style, used planks, mostly as a producer, ever-changing pseudonyms, as in other Art Of Music, Dee Bass, Fabricio / Fabrizio Bastino, Howard Houston, Jennifer Blake, Joseph Cooley, Marcel Mardello Steve Benson, Ryan Simmons, Barry Mason, Michael of Drouffelaar, Atisha, David Bernhardt or projects such as Mayfair, Monza, Sunday, Foolish Heart, Countdown GTO, Hit The Floor or major T..

Privacy and tabloid media

In 1983, he married his longtime girlfriend Erika Sauerland, with whom he has three children. In 1989 they separated and planks began a relationship with Nadja Abd el Farrag. In 1996, the couple separated and Bohlen married Verona box bush. The marriage lasted only a month and Field Busch gave as grounds for divorce to have been beaten by Bohlen, to that statement until today. From 1997 to 2000 he was again a relationship with Abd el Farrag. From 2001 until August 2006 he was living with Estefania Küster, with whom he has a son. Since autumn 2006, Dieter Bohlen with Fatma Carina Walz ( born 1984 ) romantically involved with which he daughter (* 2011) and a son (* 2013) has.

His autobiography Nothing but the Truth (written in collaboration with the image - journalist and wife of chief editor Kai Diekmann screen, Katja Kessler ) was a bestseller in 2002 and received the 2003 Media Award Golden Feather. The first edition of the second book of the authors duo planks and Kessler, Behind the Scenes, contained a variety of details about various celebrities. Some of those affected (including his former partner Thomas Anders) erwirkten by injunction, that the sale of the first edition set and only versions were allowed to be sold without the offending allegations of them. Producer Frank Farian, on his part with the book Stupid these planks.

In the ZDF show Our best Bohlen was chosen in an audience poll at No. 30 of the " most Germans". In the fall of 2004 should Dieter - Der Film in theaters, but the release was postponed to 2005 short term. Shortly after the release in cinemas of the universe was canceled film. The official reason was the universe of film that the timing for this movie was no longer appropriate. The background to this decision was undoubtedly the flattened at this time hype about Dieter Bohlen. So the film was released only as a television film and on DVD. The film is a satirical cartoon, whose template is Dieter Bohlen Biography Nothing but the Truth. Bohlen synchronized non-self, but said the narrator. It was directed by Michael Schaack.

In 2008 he published the book The boardwalk - leveling instead of renovation, the serious looks at his career and is designed as a guide.

Germany sucht den Superstar (DSDS )

In 2002 Dieter Bohlen next to Thomas M. Stein, Shona Fraser and Thomas Bug juror RTL casting show Germany sucht den Superstar (DSDS ), in which he himself with controversial comments ( " You sing like a garden gnome on ecstasy") presented. In early 2003 he took the ten finalists of American Idol on the single We Have a Dream, which was in Germany for the best-selling single of the year. Also produced by Bohlen American Idol album United proved to be commercially successful. The collaboration with the American Idol winner Alexander Klaws and the American Idol Third Daniel Küblböck were briefly a great success, as well as the collaboration with Yvonne Strahovski. Bohlen signed advertising contracts with Müllermilch, macro market, S.Oliver, O ₂, Wiesenhof, Deutsche Bahn and Unilever. Dieter Bohlen receives per season of American Idol and a fee in the amount of 1.2 million euros.

The second season of American Idol in 2004, was unable to repeat the success of the first. Bohlen wrote yet again twelve songs for an album of all finalists called Magic of Music. Elli Erl, the winner of the second season was, according to her written by Bohlen winners single This Is My Life no longer work with Bohlen, because she did not like his style of music. In the fall of 2005, the third season of Germany was looking at the superstar, which ended with the profit of Tobias Regner, but the boarding into the music business as a producer or songwriter with no planks. Bohlen wrote for the third season for the first time not the winning song and was not involved in the production of the album of the finalists ( Love Songs ) involved.

The fourth season, which won Mark Medlock, was aired in the spring of 2007. Dieter Bohlen is the only jury member who has participated in every season. Derogatory comments Bohlen with the candidate and against jury member Heinz Henn was publicly criticized. Also in the fourth season had piles not on the finalists album ( Power of Love ); However, he wrote Medlocks winning song Now or Never and produced the albums Mr. Lonely, Dream Catcher, Cloud Dancer and Club Tropicana. In addition, Bohlen published along with the singles Medlock You Can Get It and Unbelievable.

The fifth season was designed by the newly constituted jury of Dieter Bohlen, Anja Lukaseder and jury newcomer Andreas " Bär " Läsker. The sixth season ran from January to May 2009. Besides Dieter Bohlen Volker Neumüller Nina Eichinger and sat on the jury. In addition, he produced the winning title with the winner, Daniel Schuhmacher, was a number -one hit. The seventh season started in January 2010, in which Dieter Bohlen, Nina Eichinger and Volker Neumüller formed the jury. The winner was Mehrzad Marashi. Bohlen wrote and produced the winning song Do not Believe.

Also in the eighth season in January 2011 he was with Fernanda Brandao and Patrick Nuo member of the jury. Bohlen also composed and produced the winning song Call My Name by which made ​​it the winner Pietro Lombardi and the runner-up Sarah Engels at number one and two in the German single charts. In the ninth season, the occupation of the jury changed again; it was next to piles of Natalie Horler and Bruce Darnell. In the anniversary season (2013 ) there was a 4- headed men jury with Bill and Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel and Mateo Jaschik Culcha Candela. As a winner of this season showed the pop singer Beatrice Egli.

In March 2013 RTL has already announced a 11 squadron.

The Super Talent

From 20 October 2007 to November 3, 2007 Bohlen sat next to Ruth Moschner and André Sarrasani in the Jury RTL - talent show Das Supertalent. In the years 2008 to 2010, followed in the autumn, the second to fourth season, this time with Bruce Darnell and Sylvie van der Vaart at Bohlen's page on the jury. In the fifth season in the fall of 2011 Darnell Moderator Team Thomas Gottschalk and Michelle Hunziker was replaced by Motsi Mabuse, while in season six finally van der Vaart and Mabuse by the previous "Wetten, dass. " Have been superseded.


Bohlen's music productions stand out with simple structured compositions. In the 1980s and 1990s he produced with Modern Talking, Blue System and CC Catch Euro - disco and Euro dance tracks with distinctive falsetto passages. With the winners of the consignment Germany sucht den Superstar, he concentrated more on pop ballads. Similarly, in the productions with the pop singer Yvonne Elliman (among other things for you, 2003, and you broke my heart, 2004) and Chris Norman (including Midnight Lady, 1986).

From copyright expert Professor Paul Hertin from Berlin was repeatedly claimed that Dieter Bohlen several songs " stolen" and thus infringed the copyright. Boards should have the melody from the song What If by Babyface for the production of used, for example for you for Yvonne Elliman. Due Hertins report regarding the accusations of plagiarism, the Berlin prosecutor's office initiated an investigation against Dieter Bohlen, which was set, however.

Discography as a performer

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