Dieter Fromm

Dieter Fromm ( * April 21, 1948 in Long Salza ) is a German track and field athlete and Olympian, who - starting for the GDR - was in the 1960s and 1970s to the world's best 800 -meter runners. In 1969 he was European champion, 1971 European Championship runner-up. His brother is disabled athletes Holger Fromm.

The runners talent by Dieter Fromm was discovered in 1964: As a 16 -year-old lathe operator apprentice, he was surprisingly third of a cross race with 300 participants. After that, he was delegated to SC Turbine Erfurt. His first international success came at the Junior European Championships in Odessa, where he finished third in the 800 -meter run. In 1967 he ran a European Youth record ( 1:48,0 min ), 1968, he qualified with 1:46,1 min for the Olympic Games in Mexico City.

Starts at international highlights

Dieter Fromm in 1968, 1971, 1972 and 1975 East German champion in the 800 -meter run and 1968 East German champion in 1500 -meter run.

In 1976 he had for the 1,500 - meter race of the Olympic Games qualified ( 3:39,9 min). In a race 14 days before start of the Olympics him another runner stepped into the Achilles tendon. Dieter Fromm then ended his career. Fromm started for the SC Turbine Erfurt and coached at Horst Wessel. In his playing days, he was 1.78 m tall and 65 kg.

After the end of his athletic career, he was youth coach in Erfurt. Later, he was receiving a disability pension. From the 1990s he was responsible, together with Dieter Hermann the runners of the sports club Creaton Großengottern to the 800 -meter Olympic champion in 2000, Nils Schumann belonged. After that he worked as a youth coach at the running club Thuringia gas. His son Alexander married the sprinter Uta Rohländer (Season World Champion 1997).