Difa-e-Pakistan Council

Difa -e Pakistan (short: DPC; Pakistani Defence of Pakistan ) is an Islamist Pakistani organization.


It consists of about four dozen parties and religious organizations. Among these are several illegal militias and front groups of terror groups.

In addition, it is supported by some influential Islamic preachers.

Hamid Gul, former head of Pakistan 's Inter -Services Intelligence (ISI ) occurred as a speaker for the organization.


The network occurs against U.S. and Indian influence in Pakistan. So the Pakistani supply routes to Afghanistan should be blocked for NATO.


The association was founded in response to the attack on the Pakistani base Salalah in 2011, where in November 2011, died 24 Pakistani soldiers.

Since its inception Difa -e Pakistan organized in several Pakistani cities mass rallies, including a demonstration in Islamabad in late February, 2012.