DIGIC#Magic Lantern

Magic Lantern ( English name for magic lantern ) is an independent software upgrade the firmware for different EOS digital cameras from the manufacturer Canon with the operating system DRYOS and DIGIC 4 image processor that greatly expanded, especially the camera's video capabilities.

History of development

Magic Lantern was written 5D Mark II in 2009 by Trammell Hudson for the Canon EOS. In July 2010, it was ported by the same author for the Canon EOS 550D (Version 1.0.8 ). By different developers from the CHDK forum who have developed the free firmware upgrade Canon Hacker Development Kit ( CHDK ) for Canon digital compact cameras, Magic Lantern was in September 2010 for use on the EOS- 550D (Version 1.0.9 ), 60D ( version 1.1.1), 100D, 500D (Version 1.1.1), 550D (Version 1.0.9 ), 600D (Version 1.0.2), 700D and 50D ( version 1.0.9 ) ported. Also running Magic Lantern in development versions of the EOS 5D Mark II and EOS 7D. In work are also versions for the mirrorless system camera EOS M, and for the EOS- 1100D, 5D classic., 6D, and the 650D.

The software is released under the GNU General Public License. Originally developed for use in the DSLR film production, provide the advanced features of Magic Lantern also useful tools for photographers worldwide.


Magic Lantern does not replace the firmware of Canon or changes the ROM contents, but also runs and can always be disabled by replacing the memory card.

Overview of functions

The main features are:

  • Raw video ( 14 bits per pixel Bayer sensor data until about 100MByte / s)
  • Focusing aids, Follow Focus
  • Cropmarks, custom cutting lines
  • Audio level control
  • Finer ISO increments
  • HDR video
  • "Zebra " mode, marked areas without image information and areas of over and under exposure before shooting
  • Crop marks
  • Bracketing for HDR Photography
  • Bit rate control in movie mode

Also planned are a precise HDMI output, an anamorphic preview and user-defined curves.