Digital Hardcore Recordings

Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR ) is a music label that was founded in 1994 by Alec Empire. He got the seed money as compensation his band Atari Teenage Riot from the terminated contract with the major label Phonogram. In DHR under contract are musicians and bands from the electro scene. The label coined the mid-1990s the same music style Digital Hardcore.

The music was recorded at the beginning, especially in Berlin. The production and sales went through the office in London. When in the late 1990s, the Berlin Digital Hardcore scene dissolved slowly, the work of the label shifted more to England and the United States. In 1998, Elektra Records are obtained as a distributor and an office in New York was opened.

There were two sub-labels that emanated from Digital Hardcore Recordings. In Spirit Recordings published early works by Alec Empire, who were already published in Mille Plateaux. Fatal Recordings was operated mainly by Hanin Elias, the musicians wanted to give a chance to compete on the männerdomonierten music market. Hanin eventually founded Fatal Recordings as an independent label and produced her solo albums there. In early 2006, however, she broke Fatal Recordings on again.

Digital Hardcore Recordings has released over 100 albums and singles.

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