Digital Print Order Format

The Digital Print Order Format, short DPOF is a used for digital photography storage format in which additional information about the images on the memory card for printing on a printer or photo lab can be detected, such as number of copies, paper size, image text and title, image orientation.

The information is usually stored as a text file in a specific directory, and can be edited through a camera menu items. The memory card can then be taken to a photo lab, or at home connected to a DPOF-compatible printer for printing the images.

DPOF was developed by a consortium of printer manufacturers, including Canon Inc., Eastman Kodak, Fujifilm, and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.. After the first release in October 1998, the specification on 17 July 2000 was extended to version 1.10.

The current version contains among others the following:

  • Print multiple images on one sheet
  • Setting the paper size of the plot
  • Send images via fax and Internet
  • Generate slide shows with an auto -play feature.