Green Anistrichterling ( Clitocybe odora )

Dikarya is a sub- kingdom Fungi, which was first described in 2007 to conform to the common features of the Ascomycota and Basidiomycota with a taxon, which includes these two groups.


The Dikarya are unicellular or filamentous fungi. Flagella are missing at all stages. It is characteristic of the Dikarya that they have stages with two nuclei per cell in its life cycle.


The common characteristics of the hose and stand mushrooms repeatedly led to the fact that they were placed in a common taxon. An incorrect name was Dikaryomycota. Thomas Cavalier- Smith called the Group in 1998 Neomycota. The ending- mycota however ICBN for the rank of department according reserved. James et al. called the clan in 2006 Dikarya without formally describe. This was taken from Hibbett, TY James & Vilgalys 2007 Hibbet et al. rescheduled.

The Dikarya includes the two departments

  • Ascomycota, Ascomycetes
  • Basidiomycota, Mushroom Fungi

These two groups together form a descent unit, so are a monophyletic taxon. Her sister group, the Glomeromycota.

A cladogram is as follows: