Dil Se..

  • Shahrukh Khan: Amarkanth Varma
  • Manisha Koirala: Meghna
  • Preity Zinta: Preeti Nair
  • Raghuvir Yadav: Shukla

With all my heart (Hindi: दिल से, dil se, Urdu: دل سے, Arabic: من القلب, English: From The Heart, literally, of the heart ), focuses on the classic Bollywood movie the problems around the border regions in a centralized country and plays in India, where he was released in 1998.

The German premiere took place on 23 February 2005 on the cultural channel Arte as subtitles version.


Amar Varma, a radio reporter from All India Radio, travels to the north of India to conduct the people there about " 50 years of independence " to. On a lonely train station he meets a beautiful stranger who agrees, after some initial silence to seek donate Amar tea - just to let then literally stand because of the incoming train Amar in the rain.

In his further work in which he interviewed, among others, along with his soundman Shukla rebels, he meets several times on the girl who gives him to understand that he should leave her, then told him that she was married. Your cousins ​​emphasize this powerful, but Amar does not want to forget the Beautiful.

In the Himalayan border area, he meets again on the Beautiful, whose name - as it turns out - Meghna and is suddenly posing as his wife on a bus. Both spend some time together; it seems to be developing between the two something to Meghna suddenly disappears without a trace.

Back in Delhi Amar is confronted with the arranged marriage with Preeti, only to turn Meghna to run into. During the wedding preparations are in full swing, Amar Meghna takes into his home and worried her a job at All India Radio.

Meanwhile, the Indian intelligence comes to the track Meghnas and Amar. It turns out that Meghna belongs to a terrorist group who want to disrupt the celebrations of the 50th Independence Day. Amar can stop them and they blow themselves up in the air.


With all my heart is an extraordinary film because it addresses problems. This is reflected in the traditionally always grossing contrary, the disappointing, were in favor of a potential hit overseas in India. The film has untypical for Bollywood not a common end. In this film, Preity Zinta debuted in other films like Veer Zaara and - The Legend of Love ( Veer Zaara ) and Live and do not think was on tomorrow ( Kal Ho Naa Ho) star.


Although in 2005 held a German DVD release of the film in the original language with German subtitles,, Rapid Eye Movies decided in late 2009 to bring a German dubbed version on the market. For the synchronization, the German dubbing studio Berliner Synchron AG Wenzel Luedecke was commissioned dialogue directed by Monica Bielenstein.


  • Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema - Special Mention to Mani Ratnam
  • Best Music
  • Best lyrics
  • Best Playback Singer
  • Best Choreography
  • Best Camera
  • Best Playback Singer
  • Best Playback Singer


"Ultimately, Dil Se is because no political thrillers, but" only " a tragic love story, but amazingly directly and forcefully integrates the Tragödische terrorism and showcases by letting collide sad obsession with do-gooders Hope and wipe out both together. That he does not offer a solution reference beyond the world of personal suffering and its cinema dream world, while honoring him. "

" Typical " Bollywood " production, which is devoted to the political conflicts of the country in the form of a cinematic imagination with as extensive as weightless dance scenes. "